Sunday, January 27, 2013

Been a busy few weeks.

Vanilla life has kept us so busy  that we haven't even thought of a lockup time yet. However today there was a comment that "I have been free too long" so I see it in my future. As she said before she would like to extend my time in the device longer the next time. Since the last time was just at 3 months I am nervous yet excited what the next one will bring..

Or should I say ... withhold...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vacation and free

As the holidays came around so did my freedom. Dec 13th was the day putting my complete time in around 3 months straight. It ended with a ruined orgasm which was what the dice decided. We discussed the idea of being out of the device for some time because of the travel needed for the holidays and my wife wanted my freedom so I didn't want to press.

Now that our vacation and travels are over, we are looking into the next lockup and how long it will be. We have discussed if the need of the dice are needed or we start at a month and go from there.

Till the time has been decided my wife wants me to say unlocked just to enjoy the time because the next lock up could be longer.....