Sunday, August 21, 2016

New change - welcomed?

We have been talking a great deal lately about the idea of "tease and denial". Of course it is a very exciting thought to me, yet I do think of a orgasm also.

After talking she came up with the idea that "we" will see how long I can go with being edged and teased but with no orgasm. After reading a post about a guy that was edged so much that he had a orgasm with no stimulation simultaneously as his wife orgasm-ed  while giving her oral. She found this quite interesting and with my thoughts of a more permanent chastity, it fit right together. She has scheduled a weekly evening of her having a orgasm with the foreplay being a full focus tease and denial session each time.

She did say that she might let me out but not likely. Funny how things change as she gets more comfortable. I have always been more concerned with her orgasm over mine, making sure she received one before I ever attempted to have one. The idea of being brought to the edge and told "no" has always been a fantasy of mine. With chastity and her being able to edge me without ever removing the device, or if she decides, giving a orgasm without removal the idea of not removing it for much longer is a bit exciting. Since my record is just over 3 months, there is a good chance that Christmas might be my first chance if things go the way I can see them going.

It has been something I have secretly been wanting for a great bit of time but never had the nerve to actually tell her. Now that she knows, she likes the idea. Of course, if I go to the doctor, or need to go thru a metal detector it will be removed and placed back on after. I wouldn't cheat at these times because honestly, I find it more exciting not knowing if I will get to orgasm and get the attention than if I did cheat and she found out. Since I agreed that if I ever cheated she could stop the whole process completely. I look forward to my sexual energy feeding on hers.