Monday, March 17, 2014

Coming into my own.

I never expected how my feelings would change so much with a collar around my neck.

There has always been a sexual energy surounding the idea and act of chastity with my chastity device. It increases my sexual energy and curbs my ability to release that energy without my wife granting me that privilege.

With the collar there is a completely different feeling about myself. I feel more comfortable, at peace, and happy. I find my hand on my collar and a peace comes across me knowing my place with my wife, knowing that she bought it for me and she knows the meaning behind the collar and how much it means to me.

When I kneel in front of her now, just to show my love there is such a strong emotional bond that we have but it is even stronger now. I know that my wife was/is/and always be my soul mate, but even more she is now my key holder and holder of my collar. I am hers, heart, soul and body and could never be happier with life now.. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Love of time, and anticipation

Just after our lovely and exciting talk and my collaring, my hopes to get a release this Sunday was high since my wife had said we would use the fact that the kids had to go to bed early for some "special time".

Well, last night her period showed up, which I knew was coming. So, as she let me know we giggled knowing it would be a good 4-5 days of that then usually another 5-7 days before she feels back to normal. This doesn't bother me much at all, being in my cage for 30 plus days isn't a problem.

I do find that my anticipation to be with my wife is higher than it has ever been. With the combination of my chastity, the new collar around my neck and the new side of my wife, now my excitement and anticipation has rocketed. This I do love, and do look forward to our "special time".

She has said that we will have to try out the penis sleeve and if works well, we might look into a strap-on too. I love the idea of bringing her to a orgasm with no ability for me to, which I do regularly with oral, but to do it with penetration... That would be unbelievable....

She said we would discuss some more things tonight since we are getting out for a bit without the kids, :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

How my wife became my Goddess today.

After 20 years of marriage and knowing of my fetish interest my wife bought me a Wyred Slave collar or our anniversary. This was a huge thing for me. I have waited 20 years for this and could not believe myself when it came in. She engraved it with our marriage date and a comment just to me, letting me know what I have always wanted to know.

This is a huge step in our relationship within the lifestyle. As I felt her slide the collar around my neck and put the set screw on, I started to get all watery eyed. She knows my love and devotion to her. Being the loving wife and knowing that once she had told me it was coming, I had said "I plan to never remove it", she told me, "you don't need these keys". Keeping the allen keys that will allow me to remove it.

It was very overwhelming emotionally and physically. We went out for a nice dinner, openly talking about many things in our relationship revolving around my chastity that I am in and the collar and what it means to me. She opened up to me a bit and I feel that our relationship within the lifestyle will grow a great deal more now. She has agreed and even offered up some ideas, being quite interested in the penis sleeve and if it doesn't work we may look into a strap-on with me still in chastity.

She told me that it would still be a few days knowing I would enjoy a number over 30 days before I would be released. I was and am on cloud nine. Things could haven't made a turn in the right direction any better and the next 20 years will be a great journey I am looking forward to...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When in longer term chastity.

When I say longer term chastity I am referring to more that 30 days.

I find that around 15 days in my body adapts to the chastity device and the nightly wakeup calls from the device drops off. I do notice that as the days go by my hard-on will not be as hard and not stay as long. With this, I know that once out my ability to stay strong the first night out isn't as good as it could be.

I have been thinking to suggest that we find ways to please her as well as I can on the day that I am released and focus on her without intercourse or with intercourse using a sheath to allow longer intercourse for her. Then she could use a vibrator on me or a blow job with a time limit. If I don't find a orgasm, back in the device I go.

However, things will get interesting because we could easily find another month slip by. If calculations are correct, the way things might land, I could be in till late August or early September.

Time will tell.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The things that make you smile.

I was laying on the bed yesterday, the kids were both out doing things with other friends. My wife was laying beside me, we were talking about day to day things, I would give a kiss here and there to her as we talked. She got up to get a drink and she said, "You should know that I will not be in the mood for a while, so don't think we need the keys yet."

I got the biggest grin on my face and just knowing she had them on her mind and took the time to comment like that, boy did that ever get me going. Now she had a procedure early last week and her stitches come out tomorrow. This doesn't mean she will be anywhere close to being in a mood that will let me out, it will just mean she can start feeling a little more normal.

Looking at the old "clock" there is only 12 days left till its that time again, so it is very easy that we might just skip this month all together. With her making that little comment, I could go another month easily to hear her say something like that again... :)