Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts of permanent vs "catch and release"

I find myself thinking of the idea of permanent chastity vs the "catch and release" that we use now more when I am in chastity than when I am out of it.

The time in my device depends on the situations life throws at us and also the time out of the device is effected the same way. When out I find myself turning to self pleasure quickly and frequently. This increases and expands the different fantasies I used to achieve my goal. In turn, I reflect my mindset when in chastity and the inability to have a release whenever I choose. This turns my fantasies to my wife and the idea of not only being held in chastity but refused a release.

As I am in chastity at the moment the thought of permanent crosses my mind. The thought would be non removal unless travel, metal detectors or medical reasons. The concept is simple, yet the execution maybe a different story. I know of many that choose to be in permanent chastity and it seems to be working for them. The mental side of it has me to question tho....

When I am out of chastity I think of being in chastity, when I am in chastity I do not think of being out, I think of being required to stay in chastity. This is a exciting point for me that drives my sexuality immensely. The fear I have is losing that drive with knowing no release would come. On my longest time in chastity just being over 3 months with no release of any kind, I almost didn't want to be released the night she decided to. Right after my release I debated on suggesting going back into my device but didn't want to push anything. A day or two after I quickly found myself with a 2-3 time self pleasure routine.

There is a regret and self embarrassment I carry shortly after a release knowing I would choose a quickie vs taking that time with my wife and sharing the experience. When in chastity this never comes up and I do long for pleasure, I also long to not have that choice. This would not effect our sex life since direct stimulation is required for her pleasure and only after my pleasure is focused on.

Much as I type here I do this to think of the ramifications of permanent chastity vs what has been working for us. Food for thoughts to look back on.