Thursday, May 29, 2014

How a show can shift my wife more to the chastity side.

With my wife watching the Tori&Dean show, and him being caught cheating has really increased the communication with male chastity involved in it.

With my wife being pretty vanilla, we don't really "discuss" my chastity nor does she show much interest in it, other than what is required when she is given the keys and when she decides to release me. But with the show going on, she started thinking more about it and starting discussing the fact that "just locking him up" would solve the issue. Now this made me smile seeing she came up with the idea herself.

This prompted a good bit of discussion on male chastity and the advantages of devices being worn. As I told her, "I would never cheat, but Dean said that too". I pointed out that since she holds the keys that it takes that completely out of the equation for us. She seemed to almost feel comfortable with herself knowing she has the keys.

I have started to discuss the fact that she doesn't need to feel bad or anything when we pass a month without me being released. Vanilla/RT life gets in the way and she doesn't get in the mood, that's part of my deal that I want. No release till she is in the mood for intercourse. This will push this "lock-in" past 30 days and with the summer happening I could end up being in for a good two more months or more. Now we do have two sporting events scheduled that would require removal for the metal detectors but I would suggest not staying out if we decide to go.

I do feel that she is finding some comfort now with me in the device because her "jealous bone" did show up a little discussing "if I was cheating" and I would say, "but I can't" and she would just grin and agree happily......

I have always wanted to get to the point where I just wear the device 24/7 and only removed when she is in the mood for intercourse. This has put us a small step closer to her comfort level of agreeing to the idea. Of course I would love to also take care of her orgasm's between my release with nothing for me as we had done with a 90 day lockup before. Both of these things can be on the table within the end of the year.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Time doesn't matter

Each day that rolls by and we get closer to another “time of the month” without release, I find myself contemplating much longer times in chastity. I find myself very content with my situation and in no rush to get out of my device anytime soon.

I am looking at the calendar and if things go last the last two years, once school is out, we never had any private time and didn’t have any chance for intercourse. Also with the kids around 24/7 my wife really didn’t have much sexual energy because there was never a quiet moment, plus with my work schedule I always have to get up early.  My wife is a night owl so our schedules also get shifted greatly during the summer. 

 I know that in July we have tickets to a sporting event here and they have metal detectors so the device will at least come off for that, but doesn’t’ mean a release.  Two years ago, I went all three months of summer in chastity with no release. If this happens again, and I am not released in the next 6 days, it might be the longest I have been in the device. 

In one corner I do hope that I get a release and others during the summer. In the other corner I hope that things will go as I foresee them going and I only get released for the sporting event and will “offer” to go back into the device unless she plans a sexual release.

I would like to see how it affects me mentally, emotionally and physically. In the back of my mind I want to offer up to her on our anniversary for her to keep the keys for the year. For us to have sexual encounters but only focused on her for the year. The release would only be on our anniversary. After that we could discuss and see how we both feel.

I have read many profiles and stories of couples taking on the idea of a complete year in chastity with good and bad results. Just like with chastity, time will tell and how things work will depend completely on her J.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cheating and the advantages of chastity

My wife enjoys watching the Tori and Dean TV show about their life's. She has watched them for many years and always commented about how they both cheated on their spouses but felt they had found their "soul-mate" with each other.

Looks like Dean needed a little extra on the side. I took this opportunity to watch the show some with my wife. Since being very vanilla, the chance of her talking about anything outside the "vanilla" world doesn't happen much. About half way through the last show, she looked at me and said, "I don't have to worry about you cheating, at least when you are wearing your device." I agreed and said that I know she trust me but so did Tori with Dean. I would never cheat and I am sure he said the same thing. But he did......

She agreed that she felt I wouldn't ever cheat but did agree (for the first time) that when I do have the device on she doesn't have to worry about much. She had really never had much care if I wore the device or not. I "needed" to wear it and feel the power exchange, even it it was just her keeping the keys from me.

We talked a good bit about how the device made me feel and the fact that my energy was focused more toward her because I couldn't have a release. I feel that when I can masturbate I weigh the effort it takes to get her in the mood so that we can have sex compared to a "quick fix" with masturbation and I turn to the quick fix every time. Thus it also lowers my sexual drive and interest in her....

The chastity stops the masturbation, increases my focus and I find myself just "nicer" to my wife because of it. I feel more at peace and looking to enjoy time with her. She agreed that she can feel the difference when I am in the device and the fact that I don't "bug" her to get out of the device allows her to get in the mood and our sex has been much better ever since we decided the lockup we use now. With kids and vanilla life she can't flip a switch and get in the mood, which (being a guy) I can! lol

The show ended with us discussing the fact that it was very easy for him to cheat and if he hadn't got caught would he have told her at all. She even joked that someone should send a message to stick Dean in a chastity device and see if he is willing to prove he loves her. :)

One thing about chastity, with a device like mine, there is no cheating.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I wouldn't mind hearing.

I find that once I have been in my device for around 10 days I become very comfortable with the device on. Now yes, it does bring my attention completely to the device whenever I become aroused, yet day to day, it has become extremely comfortable.

With that comfort also comes almost a security blanket of happiness. The time spent in the device is never set and completely dependent on my wife and her mood. If she doesn't seem to get in the mood then I wait, if she gets in the mood then we have sex and I am released. We have gone past a month a few times since she just didn't get in the mood because of day to day life before her period showed again.

When this happens I find that I have half of my brain and body not wanting to come out of the device and the other side almost at the edge of a orgasm waiting to get that release. I will have a roller coaster of emotions flood in as she produces the keys. Part of me can't wait to enjoy the sex with her and the other hopes she will change her mind and have me wait longer.

I have been really thinking..... I see later in the year, after the summer is over I will have less travel in my schedule and no need to be out of the device. I have three dates that I will travel and need to be out of the device during the summer but once the kids go back to school, the travel stops. My thought; Once the kids go back to school, I go back in my device and stay in till the New Year. At that point she can decide if she likes what the last 4 months were like and extend the stay till June when the summer comes again.

I haven't gone much pass 3 months before in one stay but I find myself (when in chastity) wanting to know what it feels like to go for 6/9/12 months. Do I have thoughts of permanent chastity? Yes I do but I am not sure the Looker 03 would be the best for that. If it gets to that point I would want to look at a device that doesn't have as many parts. More one of the new designs from Steelworxx or a Mrs. Lori's tube.

I wonder if this is a common issue for those in chastity for long periods to want to be in chastity longer?

Monday, May 5, 2014

When it fits like a ......

I don't know if this will ever be a good or bad thing. I am always surprised when it has been a bit since I wore my device and the day comes where she requires me to put it back on.

I find that soon as it goes on there is only a few minutes where the device bugs me and then, it just settles in and its as if it never came off. It use to not be that way but now it seems like I can wear the device for a few months, have a month break and go back in and it was as natural to my body as if it never came off.

One think I truly feel, it shows just how much that my body wants to be in chastity as much as my mind and soul.