Wednesday, September 18, 2013

male-mars female-venus - balancing the planets


 A blog I read gave this post and I thought it was a good bit of info.

Generally, men are sexually driven. Men can become easily aroused and wish to achieve sexual gratification. If unable to accomplish gratification with the significant other he will search for alternative means, commonly masturbation. In marriage or long term relationships, excessive masturbation can cause a lack of intimacy and be unhealthy for the relationship.

Females commonly are not sexually driven. Most females do not become easily aroused and want to achieve sexual gratification. The common saying, "need to get in the mood" is used to allow the mental shift a female needs to become sexually aroused and want to achieve sexual gratification.

A balance is required for sexual intimacy and a health relationship. To achieve this; the males wish to achieve sexual gratification needs to be curbed and time for the mental shift of the female must be met. Accomplishing this will bring intimacy  back and create a better relationship.


I find this very true for myself. With the day to day life I will choose masturbation over "bothering" my wife for sex. The problem I have, I will masturbate every day and multiple times if aroused enough. With chastity involved I find myself "happy" to wait till we have time for intimate pleasures together.

The sexual idea of chastity will spark a arousal still but being in the device, I just sit back and enjoy the wait now. I find that I do think more about my wife's feelings and needs because I am not worried about mine. I feel masturbation causes me to be more self centered.

My interest in the the fetish and chastity lifestyle has been a roller coaster from hell. Finally the ride comes to a stop with my interested being; my wife dressed in a simple white blouse, black slacks and heels out on a date with me. Myself in my chastity device and having to wait till we have "time" for our sexual encounters. My wife knowing I have made the choice to be in the device till we have "time" and not worrying about anything, other to enjoy our new found intimacy and build our relationship stronger.

Funny how a simple device can curb sexual fantasies, needs, wants and simplify all that bringing the focus back to the one person I want the focus to be on in the beginning, my loving wife...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well the summer is over, school is back in.... and So am I...

The device did find it's way on and off but with the heat and family events all summer it was impossible for us to have any time or even any enjoyment of the device being on. She suggested to hold off till school starts and then work our way back in to things.

The idea she came up with right now is for me to just wear the device while it is "that time of the month" --- (with a catch) till she is interested in having intercourse. This maybe shortly after things clear up or it could be... well as she said... "who knows when a girl will want some intercourse".

I will not get unlocked or have any keys of any type this time. Usually I have a emergency key but we decided that if it got to that point that I needed the key, she could come unlock me. If it was a accident, they are not going to look for a "key" in my wallet.

I have such a dominate personality 95% of my life, yet when my wife comes into the picture, I melt.... I know also that I feel so much better with her having some control over me. This will be a fun/rough "getting back in the saddle"