Thursday, January 14, 2016

Actual use of male chastity in a marriage

 I came across this post and asked the author if I could repost the comments here. Not every couple is the same when it comes to male chastity and the use of it. About as vanilla as you can get when it comes to chastity.

 **As a disclaimer- this is not kink based, yet a explanation into how/why chastity is used in a "basic" marriage.**

My husband was the one that brought up the idea of using a chastity device. The thought of it was confusing at best. "Why would he want to wear something like that and to top it off, have me keep the only way to get out of it?" Sound familiar? Each book he showed me or website had kink intentions which only questioned his real reasons to want chastity. Once he explained "his reason" it was more acceptable.

He finally explained, he has "masturbation remorse". -The feeling of guilt a man feels immediately after masturbation, brought about by a sense of shame, and regret. Unable to control the need to masturbate again, the cycle continues for some, multiple times a day/every day. This included the feeling of cheating through masturbation, the orgasm provides a sexual release and lesser need to find time for intercourse.

Secondly, the removing the ability to masturbate allows sexual tension to build for him and preform better in bed. Performance has been a issue in the past. The sexual tension was something he also wanted to work on, resulting in some form of teasing. Teasing is not second nature to me, so the only way I feel comfortable use teasing is before a sexual encounter.

He gets much more out of the chastity than I do. He suggest that the orgasm is much stronger and satisfying since implemented. Teasing consist of not letting him out of his device during a sexual encounter, or not having him achieve a orgasm during a sexual encounter (his suggestions). The improvements for myself are a more frequency of sexual encounters, and not having to wash nasty wash cloths. Do I enjoy him in chastity, I can live with it or without it, but things are better for us as a couple and our marriage.

Your husband say that chastity can not be used in a "normal" marriage, with a "vanilla" wife, I disagree. He wants more than just chastity.