Thursday, March 17, 2016

Orgasm Denial information found

Male Chastity - Orgasm denial – Hand in Hand
By Travis C.

Male chastity, if you are using it then you know the benefits, if not, there is enough on the web to educate yourself.

What is orgasm denial?
The process of bringing the male to the verge of an orgasm, without allowing a orgasm. This process can be done once or multiple times, during a sexual encounter. The end result is the male not achieving an orgasm.

Why does orgasm denial go hand in hand with male chastity?
Orgasm denial allows the partner to have more control of the sexual experience and when an orgasm is allowed, the orgasm will be stronger than any experienced before.

Why use orgasm denial? 
Denial allows the partner to enjoy the effect of the male not having an orgasm as his sexual tension will increase. The physical effect of orgasm denial has been found quite pleasing to experience by the partners. Denial also allows the partner to completely have control of when and how the male will orgasm.

What is the best way to preform orgasm denial?
With intercourse it is very hard to preform orgasm denial with the male being in control of rhythm and pace. Orgasm denial is best preformed with oral, hands or vibrator. This allows the partner to control all aspects of the experience.

How to preform orgasm denial?
Simply use oral, hands or a vibrator to bring the male partner to the edge of an orgasm, stop all stimulation, and allow him to “cool down”. At this point the partner can decide to repeat the process or stop completely.

Are trigger words used?
Yes, trigger words are used by both partners. A suggested process includes using “close” as the male becomes close to an orgasm, and “may I” when the male is at the edge of the orgasm. The partner can use “no” and quickly stop stimulation or “yes” and continue, allowing the orgasm.

How many times is suggested for denial before an orgasm?
There is no magic number, the unknown is suggested. If a pattern is created the male will quickly learn and expect the orgasm or number of denials. The suggestion would be more denials than orgasms, this will achieve a great amount of sexual tension and much greater orgasm.

How do you stop once you have decided the last denial has been achieved?
This is the simplest answer, place the male partner back into chastity.

In closing, the results of using orgasm denial with male chastity will increase the achieved orgasm effect. The denial will bring the control directly to the partner and the connection in the relationship even closer. Male chastity is typically used for excessive masturbation, orgasm denial increased the focus and effect of the partner’s participation in a sexual encounter. The end result is a higher connection of emotions with the two partners and more enjoyable experience.