Sunday, August 21, 2016

New change - welcomed?

We have been talking a great deal lately about the idea of "tease and denial". Of course it is a very exciting thought to me, yet I do think of a orgasm also.

After talking she came up with the idea that "we" will see how long I can go with being edged and teased but with no orgasm. After reading a post about a guy that was edged so much that he had a orgasm with no stimulation simultaneously as his wife orgasm-ed  while giving her oral. She found this quite interesting and with my thoughts of a more permanent chastity, it fit right together. She has scheduled a weekly evening of her having a orgasm with the foreplay being a full focus tease and denial session each time.

She did say that she might let me out but not likely. Funny how things change as she gets more comfortable. I have always been more concerned with her orgasm over mine, making sure she received one before I ever attempted to have one. The idea of being brought to the edge and told "no" has always been a fantasy of mine. With chastity and her being able to edge me without ever removing the device, or if she decides, giving a orgasm without removal the idea of not removing it for much longer is a bit exciting. Since my record is just over 3 months, there is a good chance that Christmas might be my first chance if things go the way I can see them going.

It has been something I have secretly been wanting for a great bit of time but never had the nerve to actually tell her. Now that she knows, she likes the idea. Of course, if I go to the doctor, or need to go thru a metal detector it will be removed and placed back on after. I wouldn't cheat at these times because honestly, I find it more exciting not knowing if I will get to orgasm and get the attention than if I did cheat and she found out. Since I agreed that if I ever cheated she could stop the whole process completely. I look forward to my sexual energy feeding on hers.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Two with only seconds apart.

It had been over 55 days when my wife surprised me with a "date night" and the focus being on me. Of course I was as excited as I could get because we have been discussing how she might tease and deny me to the edge of a orgasm yet not achieving one and being placed back in my device.

She hopped on the bed with a towel (I was already naked) and told me to lay back. I didn't see any keys, so wasn't sure what she had planned. She produced one of our strong plug in vibrators (which she keeps under lock and key) and began to use it directly on my device. Moments later I was letting her know I was close and would orgasm any second. She giggled and said "what are you waiting for?" I asked if I could orgasm and she granted me the orgasm.

It was strong but being in my device it wasn't like a normal orgasm. The moment I started she turned the vibrator down to a slow murmur. 30 seconds passed and she turned it on high again, I felt the tingle and within seconds I was having a second orgasm.

This has never happened to me before and of course this was the first time my wife used this technique on me. She enjoyed the show, I was allowed to remove the device for cleaning and slept overnight without it. The next day the device was back on and have at least 2 weeks or more before my first chance to have the experience again.

I always thought I couldn't have two orgasms that close together. It usually takes 20-30 mins for me to get excited again. Guess you can never say "never"....

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Orgasm Denial information found

Male Chastity - Orgasm denial – Hand in Hand
By Travis C.

Male chastity, if you are using it then you know the benefits, if not, there is enough on the web to educate yourself.

What is orgasm denial?
The process of bringing the male to the verge of an orgasm, without allowing a orgasm. This process can be done once or multiple times, during a sexual encounter. The end result is the male not achieving an orgasm.

Why does orgasm denial go hand in hand with male chastity?
Orgasm denial allows the partner to have more control of the sexual experience and when an orgasm is allowed, the orgasm will be stronger than any experienced before.

Why use orgasm denial? 
Denial allows the partner to enjoy the effect of the male not having an orgasm as his sexual tension will increase. The physical effect of orgasm denial has been found quite pleasing to experience by the partners. Denial also allows the partner to completely have control of when and how the male will orgasm.

What is the best way to preform orgasm denial?
With intercourse it is very hard to preform orgasm denial with the male being in control of rhythm and pace. Orgasm denial is best preformed with oral, hands or vibrator. This allows the partner to control all aspects of the experience.

How to preform orgasm denial?
Simply use oral, hands or a vibrator to bring the male partner to the edge of an orgasm, stop all stimulation, and allow him to “cool down”. At this point the partner can decide to repeat the process or stop completely.

Are trigger words used?
Yes, trigger words are used by both partners. A suggested process includes using “close” as the male becomes close to an orgasm, and “may I” when the male is at the edge of the orgasm. The partner can use “no” and quickly stop stimulation or “yes” and continue, allowing the orgasm.

How many times is suggested for denial before an orgasm?
There is no magic number, the unknown is suggested. If a pattern is created the male will quickly learn and expect the orgasm or number of denials. The suggestion would be more denials than orgasms, this will achieve a great amount of sexual tension and much greater orgasm.

How do you stop once you have decided the last denial has been achieved?
This is the simplest answer, place the male partner back into chastity.

In closing, the results of using orgasm denial with male chastity will increase the achieved orgasm effect. The denial will bring the control directly to the partner and the connection in the relationship even closer. Male chastity is typically used for excessive masturbation, orgasm denial increased the focus and effect of the partner’s participation in a sexual encounter. The end result is a higher connection of emotions with the two partners and more enjoyable experience.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts of permanent vs "catch and release"

I find myself thinking of the idea of permanent chastity vs the "catch and release" that we use now more when I am in chastity than when I am out of it.

The time in my device depends on the situations life throws at us and also the time out of the device is effected the same way. When out I find myself turning to self pleasure quickly and frequently. This increases and expands the different fantasies I used to achieve my goal. In turn, I reflect my mindset when in chastity and the inability to have a release whenever I choose. This turns my fantasies to my wife and the idea of not only being held in chastity but refused a release.

As I am in chastity at the moment the thought of permanent crosses my mind. The thought would be non removal unless travel, metal detectors or medical reasons. The concept is simple, yet the execution maybe a different story. I know of many that choose to be in permanent chastity and it seems to be working for them. The mental side of it has me to question tho....

When I am out of chastity I think of being in chastity, when I am in chastity I do not think of being out, I think of being required to stay in chastity. This is a exciting point for me that drives my sexuality immensely. The fear I have is losing that drive with knowing no release would come. On my longest time in chastity just being over 3 months with no release of any kind, I almost didn't want to be released the night she decided to. Right after my release I debated on suggesting going back into my device but didn't want to push anything. A day or two after I quickly found myself with a 2-3 time self pleasure routine.

There is a regret and self embarrassment I carry shortly after a release knowing I would choose a quickie vs taking that time with my wife and sharing the experience. When in chastity this never comes up and I do long for pleasure, I also long to not have that choice. This would not effect our sex life since direct stimulation is required for her pleasure and only after my pleasure is focused on.

Much as I type here I do this to think of the ramifications of permanent chastity vs what has been working for us. Food for thoughts to look back on.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Actual use of male chastity in a marriage

 I came across this post and asked the author if I could repost the comments here. Not every couple is the same when it comes to male chastity and the use of it. About as vanilla as you can get when it comes to chastity.

 **As a disclaimer- this is not kink based, yet a explanation into how/why chastity is used in a "basic" marriage.**

My husband was the one that brought up the idea of using a chastity device. The thought of it was confusing at best. "Why would he want to wear something like that and to top it off, have me keep the only way to get out of it?" Sound familiar? Each book he showed me or website had kink intentions which only questioned his real reasons to want chastity. Once he explained "his reason" it was more acceptable.

He finally explained, he has "masturbation remorse". -The feeling of guilt a man feels immediately after masturbation, brought about by a sense of shame, and regret. Unable to control the need to masturbate again, the cycle continues for some, multiple times a day/every day. This included the feeling of cheating through masturbation, the orgasm provides a sexual release and lesser need to find time for intercourse.

Secondly, the removing the ability to masturbate allows sexual tension to build for him and preform better in bed. Performance has been a issue in the past. The sexual tension was something he also wanted to work on, resulting in some form of teasing. Teasing is not second nature to me, so the only way I feel comfortable use teasing is before a sexual encounter.

He gets much more out of the chastity than I do. He suggest that the orgasm is much stronger and satisfying since implemented. Teasing consist of not letting him out of his device during a sexual encounter, or not having him achieve a orgasm during a sexual encounter (his suggestions). The improvements for myself are a more frequency of sexual encounters, and not having to wash nasty wash cloths. Do I enjoy him in chastity, I can live with it or without it, but things are better for us as a couple and our marriage.

Your husband say that chastity can not be used in a "normal" marriage, with a "vanilla" wife, I disagree. He wants more than just chastity.