Monday, June 22, 2015

A better Mousetrap

I will go through stages where I wonder "is there a better mousetrap" out there?

This seems to be a common thought with those using chastity devices. Much like seeing a new car or electronic device the thoughts are the same with chastity for some. The idea of a "better mousetrap" can help some find a better device and others sink more money into the lifestyle without the results they were hoping to get.

With all devices there is a downfall of some type that isn't a deal breaker but causes us to think that a different device might be better. This has been a battle for me over the years that sent me though the maze of devices. Each time I would think that I would have the better mousetrap and find a shortcoming that would cause me to look again. With the plastic devices I could always pull out, with the silicone I could remove it and replace it completely.

A PA would create a better mousetrap and it did to a point. It did help a great deal with security but the plastic and silicone devices were not designed (at least for me) for longer term wear. A full belt was tried, then I came across my device now (Steelworxx Looker 03).

I have been very happy with my Looker 03 but it as all devices has some things that cause me to wonder if there is a more comfortable device. With all ball trap devices you have the ring at the base, this ring no matter how well designed at some point will cause pressure or poke just right to cause the need for adjustment. This isn't a deal breaker but only a minor discomfort that happens from time to time. This is notices more regularly with tighter pants. The PA hasp will catch now and then or move that needs a adjustment. Once again not a deal breaker, only causes someone like me to wonder "A better mousetrap?"

The tube style devices like Mrs. Lori's tubes have always had me thinking and also the Steelworxx Tube Jacket 2 with the bars at the front to protect the head of the penis. The idea of a device without a base ring sounds like the better mousetrap. Plus with all devices, those that love their devices will praise them and swear there is no better, and those that don't will suggest a different device. So researching reviews can be misleading, or the lack of reviews can sway thoughts away from a device. Like the Steelworxx Tube Jacket 1 and 2, the amounts of reviews are limited but the device might be the "better mousetrap".

Mrs. Lori's #5 tube seems to be the most popular for ring-less designs that men have decided to go permanent with and seal the screw hole for the PA. Any search online will find many pictures and videos of this. With the Mrs. Lori's tubes and Mature Metal "security screws" they are really not anything more than a simple security screw you can get at the hardware store and the bits to fit it can be found at the same places. So the "security" of these devices lack for me, yet the idea of device without a base ring is appealing. A downfall that I have read from reviews is the pulling on the PA that can happen with ring-less devices and cause irritation.

When looking online, the ball trap device is overwhelmingly the most popular design, with and without piercings. All manufactures seem to have more ball trap designs than ring-less designs. Much with a mouse trap, the majority still have a spring bar design in it. Thus even with a mouse trap, the design still seems to stay close to the original for a reason, because it works. But it has been improved on. Much of the reason I picked my device, I went with what was known to work, understanding there could be drawbacks with the base ring.

Coming to the point of my thoughts. I read so many times of men and couples going through the same pains and path that I did years back. Seeing a new device, thinking it is the "better mousetrap", buying and finding that it isn't is a common problem. With the increase of manufactures the choices can be overwhelming. We/I went though ~10 devices and one full steel belt before the Steelworxx Looker 03. Since then it has been used the last 4  years with the results I was hoping for. This is a result more than anything from getting a custom device and really focusing on achieving what was needed from the device in security and comfort.

If anything could be taken from this, I would hope that it would allow others to step back, don't get too excited and hit that "buy button" before thinking a device through. The amount of money that has been spent to find the device that works for me, well just don't want to add it up. And I couldn't say I am also always looking for the "better mousetrap" but with a squinted eye.

Once you know that chastity is something that you want to continue in your life, focus on researching the devices and what you want to get out of it. Don't jump on one because someone said it was the greatest thing ever. All devices will have some downfall and advantages. However, a custom device will always be a "better mousetrap" over the off the shelf devices. And look at the track record of the company. Mrs. Lori's, Steelworxx, Neosteel, Steelworks extreme, Mature Metals, all of these have good track records and use high quality metals in their devices. If the price is cheap-there is a reason.

If anything I hope this might help someone think and find the device that works best for them without spending as much time and money as I did. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Comfort - Restraint - Reward

There is a comfort when it comes to chastity. All the thoughts of when and how to orgasm is thrown out the window.

Masturbating makes things so easy, so quick, so uneventful. A quick slip off to the bathroom while everyone is watching a movie, or the kids are out in the back yard playing. Waking up before everyone else in the house before work, getting ready to go to bed after everyone is asleep, these were perfect times for a orgasm. This was the life for me before chastity.

My typical day would include at least 3-5 chances to achieve a orgasm and I would not pass these up. I enjoyed the orgasm, yet it would be a short lived. I would be able to do what I needed to do, but soon my mind was back on the idea of a orgasm and how I could achieve it.

With chastity that is taken away. When locked there is a comfort that I feel not being able to orgasm when "I want" and not knowing exactly when I will be released for a orgasm. The restraint from being able to orgasm and holding off till the time I am unlocked, results in a orgasm greater than I can explain.

The reward of the orgasm allowed me to see how "cheap" my orgasms were before chastity. Now I look forward to my time in my device almost as much as I do my release. Since I do get days out without my device I do masturbate still but just doesn't have the same effect of a orgasm than when being released from chastity.

If it was my choice, I would be in chastity all the time unless released for a orgasm. However, my wife is giving a bit of time out each month where I am free. This does cause me to see how much can be taken away each month when I am back in chastity and unable to orgasm. But I find myself more comfortable in my device and out and missing it when I am free.

When we did a very long lock up (6 month test) I found, once free, that I would reach down and find my device not there and feel lost a bit. The comfort and peace at mind that does come with chastity also effects my body and need to know it is there. I can say, I am a man in chastity that enjoys wearing his device and misses it when it is gone.