Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New favorite "want to buy" website

If asked, this would be the most sexy outfit to see on a "date night"!!! Of course would have to have better and higher heels than shown for a "date night".

Maybe winter add a nice leather coat and leather wrist gloves.

I found this website :

I now want to order things from it. The 50's pin up clothing is such a turn-on and if I had to pick the most sexually exciting outfit it would be this one. Something about a white top with black skirt makes me melt. I normally like pencil skirts but this one does something for me. I think it looks more elegant I guess.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Absolut Chastity :)

Chastity is not just about sex rather a way of life

For so many years I lived in the "fantasy" side of chastity, with that comes every thought relating to sex. All the time I would think of being in chastity and how we could have sex with me in and how I would get out to have sex. I would use pictures online of chastity to masturbate too. Every device up to this one failed me in one way or another and for that reason I felt that I stayed in the fantasy world with the idea of chastity. If in the old devices all I would think about was how to get out and fantasies about sex and domination.

My fantasies would fuel the ideas of chastity and would spiral back at each other.

Once having this device all that changed. When I really found that there was "no way out" without the key my views changed. I started to realize there was much more to chastity than sex. I found that chastity wasn't something that you "played with" if you wanted to really get the full effect and mindset that I wanted from the beginning. Now being in the device, I don't think about sex all the time, I in fact can forget it is even on. I do find that anything sexual sparks my interest, my thoughts shift to the device, then to you. I find that my fantasies of wild experiences have gone away.

I feel that the reason is, I am living in chastity and in reality. I know understand the saying "chastity is not just about sex rather a way of life".

Now we just need to get you to "hide the keys" lol.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My new study....

I have been reading about how to give better massages and more sensual massages for you. I would love to be able to give you a massage or two each week in the evenings to help you relax. I look only to give you a massage before bedtime so that you might slip off to sleep better and sleep better.

Yes I enjoy touching your body and being connected to you through the massage. There are many groups I have found explaining different lotions and ways to make your massage as enjoyable as I can.

I also have been reading on how to make your bath better by giving you a massage/bathing at the same time while you relax in the tub. That is something I am still reading on and if you are interested I would like to try to see if you enjoy that in a nice warm bath....

My sexual thoughts.

I find myself loving this picture like no other. It seems all my sexual thoughts have past from myself achieving a orgasm to bringing you to one. My sexual energy grows thinking about hearing your breath increase, watching your body move, hearing your moans, and finally hearing your orgasm.

I find that my sexual tension grows with your building orgasm and then relaxes some once you orgasm. Yes, I am sexually energized and would love you to give me a bit of teasing by playing with my nipples or a little poke here or there, yet I am happy hearing your orgasm.

I was thinking about this and realized that at one time we went over a year without intercourse. I however did not go more than a day without a orgasm. I have no clue what you did, and I feel selfish for that. I find that I want to make up for it and I enjoy getting to please you each week with no focus on me.

It was asked on the forums what is the number one fantasy we have and I found mine being this...
Date night is planned as usual, You tell me that you would like to go out somewhere nice and to dress for the occasion.  You look lovely and in high heels teasing my thoughts by just looking at you. I find that our discussions through the dinner fall all over the place but it also includes chastity a bit, and you even "tease" a bit about the idea of my chastity.

Once home, I am quite worked up and ready to take care of you and find that you have changed into a nice Chemise and Robe Set like this --( and a set of high heels.

My breath is taken away and you request me on the bed. I quickly find my place beside you, kissing, I smell you perfume, I feel the cloth on you, my tension is high, your hands find my nipples and as week kiss you tease me. I try to go south to take care of you yet you hold me off a bit first to tease me again. As I find my place between your legs, our little friend does his job, and you place your heels on my shoulders, as I feel the heels my sexual tension only builds.

Your orgasm comes close, I feel my sexual tension grow as yours does, as you orgasm, I feel a shiver through me as if a small release of sexual tension with your orgasm. I slide back beside you, we kiss, you tweak a nipple and say "well lets see how lucky you are" and I grab the dice so that you roll for my fate..... Then ending??? that depends on the number... :)

Funny how it went from the long drawn out scripts of "do this" and then "do that" and then, "pull this" and then "pull that" just for me to, what it is now...

I can only say I have never been happier being in chastity and focusing my energy on you. I only hope that this will continue and your acceptance and enjoyment will grow with time. I see nothing more in my future other than what we have talked about (adding things)....

I look forward to date night....... :)  <3 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donated a bit for a friend of mine in need.

A friend of mine from the forums that lives in Dallas is raising money for his wife. She has breast cancer and they have bills adding up a bit.

He is in chastity also and came up with a "game" that can be used for couples in chastity. I got it for a $10.00 donation to his wife's bills. I would have just gave him the money...

The game I would like to show you. it is pretty cool. If you are up to it, I will ask and show you. He has a good idea. I told him to put it on ebay and create a website.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thought of the day, requires possible action.

Discussing on a forum many of us explained how we deal with the main and emergency keys. My emergency keys being in the one time use box was very popular because the majority of men in chastity do not want to have access to any keys but if they do need access, we all want it be known when we access the keys. The Main keys being in the little package that would show tampering was a good discussion. The point was made that access was too easy to the Main keys. Temptation could happen and with a good knife and glue could be defeated.

Many talk about the disappointment and feeling of mistrust the "Keyholder" would feel. This got me thinking, the keys are just sitting in the closet on my top shelf by the door. I could just open the package, release myself, and put them back. You don't really pay attention to them when I do get to remove the device. For this, it ate at me a bit. The chastity funnels my sexual energy away from other things, and keeps me in "check" so to speak.

My thought, what would you feel if I cheated on the chastity, sneaking a key for a release? Would it really matter to you? I have not cheated, nor do I plan too. Yet I wish for you (at least at some point) to care if I got out without it being ok'ed by you.

I look at the short period of three months that I have been in "full time" chastity and know mentally I am different and I feel for the better. I was thinking about it and how different I see things, how my fantasies are now, and just the disconnect from the fetish, kinky things. I am very happy where I am and any my want and need to focus on you and your needs over mine. 

My thought of the day, requires action.... I would like you to answer me using the suggestion below?

If you don't really care, and don't see any improvement in our relationship, and could care less if we went back to how we were before. Just leave the keys were they are. I understand.

If you find that things have been better, you do see a improvement, and look to see more improvements over how it was before, Just take the key package and put it somewhere "up" where I don't know where it is.

I will "let you know I blogged" and "at some point will check to see if you read it so that I will know your answer.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sexual Relations

The term “sexual relations” has changed for me. For years now I have considered “sexual relations” to be “intercourse”. Giving or receiving head didn’t seem that intimate to me compared to intercourse.
With the addition of my chastity I see now how intimate I can be causing a orgasm orally or with a vibrator not even touching at all physically.
Reading blogs and forums I found couples that have one sided orgasm’s all the time with and without the use of intercourse. One woman can’t orgasm in any way other than using the bathtub and running water. Intercourse is completely one sided and she solo’s her orgasm. One guy has erectile dysfunction and their intercourse is one sided with him using a strap-on for her or giving her oral. He has to solo his orgasm with the use of a strong vibrator. There are many examples with different stories and of course just as many with the use of chastity and one sided orgasm’s being for the female only.
The one thing I have found being in my device these months is the fulfilled feeling I have hearing an orgasm and watching without having one. Before it was a step to my orgasm, now it is a fulfillment of pleasure for both.  With the addition of the Hitachi wand I am hoping for even higher of a orgasm to be reached and for me to get to see that and help it get achieved.
Chastity has changed the way I look at sex and the way I think about sex. Before it was all about me, all about my fantasies and exploring every one of them as much as I could, now it is looking forward to hearing that orgasm, and knowing that sexual pleasure has been achieved. Using a vibrator seems to be the best way and easiest to achieve the orgasm and intensity seems to be increased. With the Hitachi everything I have seen and read says it will be even stronger. I hope it will be and I will be able to be part of it.
For all the years of marriage my orgasm has been the focus of our “sexual relations” with chastity that has changed and I can’t be happier. I now really want my sexual release to be a very small part of our “sexual relations” and the total focus is on a heightened, relaxed and enjoyable orgasm that stays with the ability to lay there and enjoy without having to deal with my orgasm.
I would love to change the weekly encounters to bi-weekly, hell I would do it every night if allowed. Before any intimate touch went directly to the thoughts of me getting an orgasm, now I find when I receive an intimate touch my sexual energy rises and I just enjoy the touch. I know my chastity is there and it isn’t coming off.
One difference between the other entire lockup’s and this one was I knew I had 30 days before a release date. This time no date was scheduled, and I will not ask to be let out. I am just going to wait till the time comes. Long as I am getting to focus on solo orgasm’s and knowing that for a change that it isn’t all about me, I feel I have many years of making up for all the years I have be so selfish.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interesting Pegging info


 After reading about the couple I last posted about I began reading about pegging and found this quite interesting...

Why Would a Woman Want to Peg Her Man?
  • Pegging can bring a man exquisitely intense pleasure; orgasms 10 times more powerful than usual and in many cases with no penis stimulation.
  • Some women find they can orgasm while pegging their man, too. There is a variety of strap-ons, some with vibrators, or vibrators under the strap-on with directly stimulation.
  • Some women enjoy the role reversal.
  • The increased strength of the orgasm can only be achieved with the act of pegging and most women enjoy seeing the orgasm, brings couples closer together and more intimate..
Why Would a Man Want to Be Pegged?
  • Pegging can provide him with orgasms 10 times more powerful that he has ever experienced possibly with no direct stimulation.
  • Connect on a more intimate level with their partner and the intensity can only be reached with a partner pegging.
  • Multiple orgasms from pegging are enjoyed by some men as well.
  • Very few women can orgasm by intercourse, with pegging it is one way both can orgasm "at the same time" with direct stimulation the orgasm can be timed together.
Where is the Prostate Gland?
The prostate gland, which is the source of pleasure for men during pegging, is located under the bladder, in front of the rectum and at the base of a man’s penis. It can be stimulated through the anus with a finger, toy or dildo. If the man is laying on his stomach, push in and down. If he is laying on his back, push in and up. In that position, many men enjoy a rhythmic stroking, as if you were making a “come hither” motion with your finger. If women are familiar with the location of their G-spot (now being called the female prostate), the location is pretty much the same, interestingly enough.

Pegging and Male Chastity?
Pegging gives the ability for a orgasm with no direct stimulation to the penis. Many that use chastity, find the ability to achieve a orgasm without ever removing the device. When attempting with a vibrator many devices made of plastic and or steel cause more discomfort than pleasure and a orgasm is not able to be achieved. The use of male chastity limits the amount of orgasm's and heightens the sensitivity of the prostrate gland, pegging takes advantage of that and can cause multiple orgasm's or one extremely strong orgasm. This is a very common and utilized practice in the male chastity world.


KarenJ49 wrote:

"My husband and I have used pegging and male chastity for years. He enjoys the restraint of self pleasure, and pleasing me on a regular basis without a orgasm. I enjoy the orgasm's without needing intercourse. Pegging brought a new light to our relationship. His orgasm's have been indescribably strong with pegging and I never took his cage off. The only penetration we have now is me pegging him. Oral does just fine for my orgasm, and for his, pegging."

Bronco wrote:

For guys who know, it is the ultimate and most intense orgasm.
In my case, an orgasm can come from any combination of three places: penis glans, prostate gland, and anal sensitive tissues.
Anal and prostate stimulation gives me a massive powerful and deep orgasm.
The best part is that I can have multiple orgasms without losing my erection, even though jizz is flying everywhere.
If I do not touch my cock, I can orgasm repeatedly. Five times is the record to date.

We know I enjoy the idea of pegging, the intensity is very strong for me also. I have not thought of it and chastity being used at the same time. However, after reading about this, I am more interested in the idea. This of course would be if I stay in longer between releases, and/or not every time thing. This is just a idea, would need to have communication from you of course. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012


It draws me closer to you every time I am able to give you a orgasm without myself having one. I love hearing the sounds you make and think that if it is anything like I feel when I orgasm, I know you are enjoying the end result.

One thing I find very erotic and mentally stimulating is the way I bring you to orgasm. I purposely try not to touch you and only the vibrator touch you so that you can be one with it and your thoughts. I will be completely honest and say I love that you use your computer and thoughts relating to other things while I do this. It is the submissive side in me wanting to almost be a "device" that assist in your solo orgasm and then you be able to go to bed easily with no need to worry about me.

Too many years went by and it was all about me. Now I want it to be all about you. I think of when  you told me to put on the device and would be in a long time. 30 days doesn't seem long at all anymore and I know I will never ask to be let out. If no date is set, I will go till the time comes.

I hope you are enjoying these times and getting more comfortable with the idea of chastity.

Knight in shining armor Returns to his Queen

This is a interesting post I will am going to summarize because of the length of the post but got me thinking a great deal. The post was on a female led marriage forum.

The basic of the post was the husband was in the national guard and got called overseas for three years. During this time he was the platoon leader protecting his group from danger having to make hard decisions to complete that task. He did keep his group safe and everyone came home safe and sound.

He spoke of his thoughts of his wife and kids as all do when deployed. Once home, he worked his way back into his normal life as all try to do coming home from war. Yet his story as a bit of a twist. He talked of coming home and once the excitement relaxed, he and his wife went back to their Female Led Marriage. He went happy back into his chastity device and taking over a good bit of chores around the house. His wife had to get use to having someone do things for her again.

His comments were, (My wife had to get use to saying, "I would like a cup of coffee" where I would ask if she wanted me to get it and she would say "Yes".) Soon his wife was enjoying solo orgasms by his hands while he was in chastity. Their agreement was the only penetrative sex was her doing him with a strap-on. His orgasm would come only by masturbation or a hand job by her.

Some interesting points were, he was still the strong "knight", controlled paying all the bills, making a lot of the "hard decisions" with home life and being a strong father figure for his girls. Yet he could kneel at his wife's feet and she excepted his submission of love and devotion much as a knight would to his Queen.

He spoke of his wife as his Queen and his ability to submit so much to her but yet be so strong also.


I loved reading this and it made me feel better about how I feel many times. I feel that I am not a "roll over on my belly" kind of guy. I feel I am strong and powerful in many ways to be able to support and protect my family. I have thought from time to time when hearing a song or watching a movie if being in chastity and wanting to submit my self to my wife as much as this man did was considered "weak".

I found the complete opposite.  I feel from his story that he is one of the strongest men I have read about and know that there can be a balance between submission and devotion to my wife and still being able to be the "knight" that most men want to be for their wife.

My wife is my Queen, she always has been and always will be. Only now am I able to try to show her my true devotion and submission of love like I would like.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alice in wonderland

I feel that sometimes I am Alice in Wonderland. I am searching for the path or what I or you "need" to do to make things right. Chasing that white rabbit with no luck to catch him, knowing if I catch him, I have no idea what to do with him.

Chastity is that way, I have caught the white rabbit, I am in chastity...... So what should I do, or you do, or we do, or do we need to do anything?

The longer I am in chastity the more I start thinking I don't really "need" to do anything. Nor do you, it is what we "want" to do. You might not want to do anything or you might want something. I don't know.

I think the thing I keep "wanting" is that feeling you are good with me in chastity and keeping the keys. That is a trick comment tho. I think of you actually keeping the keys here at home away from my sight, knowing all I really need to do now is just open the package and I don't think you would really care either way.

I would love you to care if I did try to get out, not sure if that will happen. Yet just keeping them from me would at least give that "feeling" I couldn't escape.

One thing that did give me hope and happiness was when you asked if I had my device on and I said "no..." You said "Well put it on and plan to be in it a LONG time." Of course this was exciting and made me happy to see you taking some control.

Giving you private personal time each week is a total pleasure and also quite a tease in a way too, knowing there is no possibility for me to receive the same thing. I would love you to become custom to this and look forward to it with no worries for me.

As I go down the rabbit hole I think of you getting more comfortable with control and just not asking anymore, expecting things instead. I have no problem doing anything you want, I think you and I would both enjoy it, me knowing you are happy getting to relax and you being ok with the idea.

Teasing and denial is always a exciting thought  but I don't have a clue how to do that or suggest anything. I do know I would like to stay in longer till the point I "want" to get out and then really stay in longer after that to get the full effect of the control I have given you of my orgasms.

Just random thoughts.. chasing the rabbit down the hole.