Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well the summer is over, school is back in.... and So am I...

The device did find it's way on and off but with the heat and family events all summer it was impossible for us to have any time or even any enjoyment of the device being on. She suggested to hold off till school starts and then work our way back in to things.

The idea she came up with right now is for me to just wear the device while it is "that time of the month" --- (with a catch) till she is interested in having intercourse. This maybe shortly after things clear up or it could be... well as she said... "who knows when a girl will want some intercourse".

I will not get unlocked or have any keys of any type this time. Usually I have a emergency key but we decided that if it got to that point that I needed the key, she could come unlock me. If it was a accident, they are not going to look for a "key" in my wallet.

I have such a dominate personality 95% of my life, yet when my wife comes into the picture, I melt.... I know also that I feel so much better with her having some control over me. This will be a fun/rough "getting back in the saddle"

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