Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Comfort - Restraint - Reward

There is a comfort when it comes to chastity. All the thoughts of when and how to orgasm is thrown out the window.

Masturbating makes things so easy, so quick, so uneventful. A quick slip off to the bathroom while everyone is watching a movie, or the kids are out in the back yard playing. Waking up before everyone else in the house before work, getting ready to go to bed after everyone is asleep, these were perfect times for a orgasm. This was the life for me before chastity.

My typical day would include at least 3-5 chances to achieve a orgasm and I would not pass these up. I enjoyed the orgasm, yet it would be a short lived. I would be able to do what I needed to do, but soon my mind was back on the idea of a orgasm and how I could achieve it.

With chastity that is taken away. When locked there is a comfort that I feel not being able to orgasm when "I want" and not knowing exactly when I will be released for a orgasm. The restraint from being able to orgasm and holding off till the time I am unlocked, results in a orgasm greater than I can explain.

The reward of the orgasm allowed me to see how "cheap" my orgasms were before chastity. Now I look forward to my time in my device almost as much as I do my release. Since I do get days out without my device I do masturbate still but just doesn't have the same effect of a orgasm than when being released from chastity.

If it was my choice, I would be in chastity all the time unless released for a orgasm. However, my wife is giving a bit of time out each month where I am free. This does cause me to see how much can be taken away each month when I am back in chastity and unable to orgasm. But I find myself more comfortable in my device and out and missing it when I am free.

When we did a very long lock up (6 month test) I found, once free, that I would reach down and find my device not there and feel lost a bit. The comfort and peace at mind that does come with chastity also effects my body and need to know it is there. I can say, I am a man in chastity that enjoys wearing his device and misses it when it is gone.


  1. Very well said my friend! What a great post. Like you, before entering into my FLM, I masturbated frequently. Truth be told, it slowly and surely became my primary source of sex, although that was never my intention. As such, it stole sexual energy away from my wife, whom I loved and cared for more than anything.\

    Chastity is a word that implies a restraint from sex. Enforced may indicate that a device is used that would dent access to the penis, thereby removing the ability to be able to masturbate or orgasm (although I am fully aware that an orgasm is very possible while locked in a tube).

    Your post is great because you very aptly describe the true comfort that exists when accept the fact that your orgasms are no longer yours to take on your own. For me, when I have an orgasm, it is only because Mistress K. has "given" me one, whether it is through supervised masturbation, a ruined orgasm or a full-on orgasm while being inside her. For men, most times, masturbation comes with the knowledge that each orgasm takes sexual energy that might otherwise be shared with his mate and as such, there is a bit of uilt. Over time we convince ourselves that it's not really stealing sexual energy for her, so we justify doing it more and more until one day, it becomes the primary source of his sexual satisfaction.

    Early in my FLM I was locked in a cage too. Mistress soon discovered that for her, if the only reason I didn't masturbate was because I wasn't able to access my cock, it meant there would always be some lack of trust that existed. Mistress sat me down one day, took off my cage and told me that my chastity was absolute and expected and that I if I were to ever masturbate (or even stimulate my cock) without her permission and supervision, that our FLM would end and we would go back to the "way it was before". She didn't say it, but the message was that stealing from my own orgasm would be on a level similar to having an affair and there would forever be a trust issue going forward. I got the message! Since then, I only wear the cage for punishment purposes. Mistress trusts me to violate my chastity and in that sense, it is enforced chastity as well.

    Like you, I missed the device after she removed it. Now, I don't miss it at all.

    Again, great post. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the comment. Glad to hear things going well for you also.!

  2. No WLM/FLR here, just us old kinksters doing our thing, but nevertheless, what you say is true for us too. Being in the cage feels right, in that I'm keeping my arousal high, not only for her, but for myself as well. As you would expect, an old fucker on the wrong side of sixty, who is horny all the time, feels much younger and more alive.