Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A most interesting fantasy

Lately, I have been away from blogger because of work and RL just keeping me away.

I am still locked and enjoy the positive side of being locked much more than when unlocked. The other night I was up late reading a few forums and drifted off to sleep thinking of a few things I had read. I awoke from one of the most vivid and erotic dreams I have had in a while. I was able to recall the dream very clearly and decided to put some of it down here so that I can look back on it.

My wife loves yoga and goes three times a week for yoga. My dream started with her heading to yoga as usual. When she came back  home she tells me of a friend she has made in class and she is also married. They had talked about getting together to play some board and card games the upcoming weekend. I agree of course, always enjoying meeting new people. The week passes by and plans are made to meet at their house.

The evening is very enjoyable, The husband and I hit it off, in fact all four of us hit it off really well. All agreeing that this will be continuing event. A few months go by, the wife's are good friends, the husband and I are also good friends and much more relaxed around each other. We go over for a BBQ one night, I am in need for a bowl to place the meat in. The wife (lets call her Carol) bends down to get a bowl from the bottom cabinet. I notice a thick stainless steel band showing below her shirt. Carol notices her shirt is up and quickly pulls it down, spinning to look at me. I play it off, seeing she is a bit red in the face and leave to the patio as if nothing happened. The husband (lets call him Jeff) is busy cooking the vegetables on the grill. We chat, drink beer, the girls come out once or twice and I can notice Carol is trying to read me. Little does she know, I am wearing my chastity device and know that she is wearing one also.

My interest are very high, I want to ask but do not. I figure not the time or place. I could tell Carol was worried about it so I left it alone. Each night I sit thinking about the moment, running it thru my head and I am sure it was a chastity belt.

It is two weeks till we meet again, this night is full of wine and games. The mood is really light, and the girls are getting a little tipsy. As we talk, the discussion of "what is the wildest thing you have done together" comes up. Carol and Jeff discuss a trip to a nude beach as we all joke and talk about the experience they had. It is our turn and I ask if they had heard of a place called "Outer Limits" (a swingers bar back in the day), Jeff and Carol eye each other as a evil grin crosses both their faces. Carol says "Yes" and the discussion shifts to the experiences all of us had there.

Drinks are getting low and Jeff suggest a game or two of billiards as the girls are going to watch a show. As we are playing I can not hold myself much longer and have to ask. I tell Jeff that I am a very open guy and seen a lot of things before I ask him of Carol is wearing a Neosteel belt. Jeff tells me no, it is a custom design that he made. Reversing a question back to me, asking how much I knew about chastity play. I explained I knew it all too well with personal experience. This causes him to stop his next shot and look at me, he questions if my wife is also in chastity. I never have told anyone face to face about my chastity but felt comfortable with him and explained I was the one in chastity.

He froze for a moment, which made me a bit uneasy. A huge grin crossed his face, and soon I was answering questions about how long we had used chastity, our interests in it, type of device and so forth. He was at the same time filling me in on their experience and how Carol wanted to be in chastity also. He found it natural and very erotic for her to wear the device. I explained my wife finds it fine for me to wear but doesn't find any erotic avenues with my chastity.

The discussion switches to our experiences in swinging and if we had ever thought of it again. He explained that they did explore some Dom/sub play with chastity and both had fantasies of finding a couple where the male is in chastity and female isn't. I left it as, if my wife was in, I was in.

The night ended with us leaving and looking at Jeff I could tell he was worked up and ready to talk to Carol. I kept the information to myself, knowing I would not be the best to open the idea to my wife. My experiences have shown, I fail at that. Before we even get home, a text comes in from Jeff. The text reads, "Carol is on cloud nine, she wants to talk to your wife". I am nervous about it, yet extremely excited. I don't sleep well that night, between the excitement and worries that it might effect the friendship.

The next morning, Carol text my wife to go hang out and do some shopping and we boys can get out of the house. My wife agrees and in the back of my mind I wonder if Carol  is going to talk to her. I meet up with Jeff and as we sit having beers I find out much more about their chastity play and Carol's fantasies. Jeff also opens up a bit about his interest and the idea of swinging with two partners in chastity. Jeff tells me that Carol is going to talk to my wife yet act as if she doesn't know I am in chastity. My heart is racing as we head back to meet the girls.

I play off any emotions that I have as we get in the car to leave. My wife has a shit eating grin on her face as we back out of the drive. On the way home she tells me about Carol in chastity, their interest in being more than just friends and the fact that she is open to the idea. She ask how we would deal with my chastity. I suggested to leave it be, since Carol is in chastity, I would be also. The discussion switches for a moment to how I would handle her with Jeff and I assured her that since we knew them so well and I liked Jeff I would not have a problem with it at all. My wife surprises me by telling me that she admitted I was in chastity also and found the idea very exciting. We talked more about how to keep from things going bad because we enjoyed Carol and Jeff and didn't want to lose them as friends on the way home.

That night, I asked not to be let out of chastity but to be allowed to take care of her. She was ready to go, and had a very strong orgasm, stronger than normal. We slipped off to sleep talking about what could come about all of this.

The weekend comes and we are met at the door with huge hugs and smiles. Things are pretty normal as we sit around drinking and preparing the dinner. Carol is eyeballing me more than normal and finally Jeff explains that Carol really wants to see my device. I glance at my wife and she gives me the "by all means" look as she sits back with her wine. Jeff casually slips beside my wife, gives a smile as Carol is pulling at her pants, she drops them right there in the living room so that all can see. I glance again and see both my wife and Jeff are smiling, and waiting. I drop mine as well and Carol squeals with excitement, asking if she cant touch it. After a bit of examination, she ask why I don't wear a full belt. I explain that I had to have a PA because I could escape full belts and the only device that has gave full security was this one. Jeff comments "We can fix that, full belts are more comfortable and secure when designed right." as he winks at my wife.

As we play "cards against humanity" we discuss the idea of swinging, Jeff points out that Carol would never have her belt off and that if my wife agreed, that I would also never have my device off when together. Of course Carol and I agree and my wife is surprised yet excited that we both agree that Jeff and her are free to as they wish together. The night ends with all of us pretty worked up and excited. As we are heading to the door, Jeff reaches to my wife and ask, "Do you mind?" as he looks into her eyes, she knows he wants a kiss and is excited about it. They kiss deeply and softly. Carol looks at me and we kiss. The ride home my wife talks about how she hopes this will work out and the fun we could have. Again I take care of her and wish not to be released, even tho I am about to explode. She falls to sleep quickly after and I am on cloud nine with excitement and wishing I should have got out.

The next day when I get home my wife tells me Jeff as called and wanted to take her on two dates that week so that they can talk since they were the ones that were completely "free". I show full support and do not show any worries. They go on the first date, Carol and I text and talk on the phone a bit, expanding out knowledge of each others chastity experiences. Carol explains that Jeff likes being a soft Dom to her and will not show that side with my wife. It is different she explains because she wants chastity and submission at times. I find out that she is also collared as a second bond of their relationship. My mind is racing with excitement when I hear my wife come in the door. There is a smile that I haven't seen in a while on her face and I start to quickly poke for information.

She informs me that Jeff had a lot of great ideas and that this could be a start to a "beautiful relationship" for all of us. She also tells me that there are a few secrets that she will not be telling me but I will find out. I suggest a massage and taking care of her, which she agrees. I can tell she is very excited. As I take care of her, this time I want out, yet she informs me that after talking to Jeff, that I need to not be let out. This only excites me more and that she has told me "no". The night is a rough one because I am so excited.

Nothing is said for the week other than we will be going over to Jeff's and Carol's this Saturday for some games. I have learned the hard way not to push for answers from my wife, it only shuts her down. The second date comes and goes with me once again taking care of my wife and being left in my device, excited more than ever. Friday takes forever to go by, Saturday morning I busy myself with getting breakfast and things around the house. I find my wife looking around in our closet and she ask where my "necklace" is? Now this is my "collar" that she bought me for our wedding anniversary that I asked her to buy. I have to ask why she wants to know where it is and she explains she just wanted to look at it and would "put it where it belonged" when she was finished with it. I was busy and didn't think much about it when I handed to her and forgot all about it.

That night we enjoyed drinks, food and games as usual. I was on edge and excited because I could tell Carol was excited also. Yet my wife and Jeff seemed very relaxed. We took a break from the games and headed to the couches to relax and talk. Carol asked me to help freshen up the drinks in the kitchen. When we returned, Jeff and my wife were sitting on one couch and had two chairs in the middle of the room. Carol and I gave them their drinks and she quickly sat down in one chair, patting the other for me to sit in. Jeff explained that my wife and he had discussed that everything we would be doing would not jeopardize our friendships and if anyone at any time did not feel comfortable that things would be stopped and discussed. My wife pulled my "necklace" out of her purse and said that after talking to Jeff and understanding how being collared is as important as chastity to me that I should be collared like Carol. I looked over at Carol and noticed the thin "necklace" was actually a collar that she had worn ever time we saw them. My wife came over and explained (I could tell she was coached by Jeff) that I was not allowed to remove it, only she was and that if I agreed to wearing it, then I would be hers in more ways than just her husband. Of course I agreed as she placed the collar on me.

Next Jeff surprised me with explaining that a full belt would be better, easier to clean and safer than my device so in the next few weeks he would be taking measurements to create a custom belt for myself. My wife asked if I was excited and I agreed as Carol was beside herself with excitement. Jeff did well shifting the mood, suggesting it was time for a dice game we had played before. As we played I knew I was excited more than ever and wanted to get out of my device and feel my wife as much as I wanted to stay in.

As the night ended and we left there were light kisses goodbye and we headed home. My wife asked if I was "OK" with everything and I admitted I was more excited than I had been in a long while. She agreed to the same and said "this could be a lot of fun". I was hoping for sex but my wife had drank a bit more than she wanted and just wished to go to sleep. I stayed up and on the computer for a couple of hours.

The next week, not much was said about the events that expired the weekend before. I wore my collar and the only thing that was said was on Wednesday when got home that my collar looked good on me. Now this was a big step that my wife called it a collar. My energy level went up and she told me that I needed to swing by Jeff's to see him shortly so I needed to go help him. I showed up and we headed to his workshop, I wasn't thinking much till he pulled out a set of keys I knew so well.

He handed them to me and told me to take off my device so that he could take some measurements. I first thought, when did my wife gave him the keys. He spent about a hour taking measurements, retaking measurements, and drawing some sketches. We discussed why I could pull out of a belt and how I felt a PA was needed to keep me from pulling out. I needed for my own being to not be able to escape without a key or destroying the device. He took this all into account and we talked about just about everything under the sun while he took the measurements to keep me from getting excited. Once done, I put my device back on and he informed me that he would get the keys back to my wife. Then he asked how I felt about Dom/sub play and of course I loved the idea, yet I knew my wife didn't. He explained that he had been giving her a different look at the idea and some things might be changing. We had a beer and discussed the belt a little more, yet he didn't give much explanation on the design. Leaving I was beside myself with excitement and fear, what more could I ask for....

A month goes by quickly without much advancement on any changes I could tell. Jeff had taken my wife out to dinner and a play but that was about it. We still got together and hung out, played games but it was as if the whole thing never happened. Everyone seemed very relaxed, yet it seemed like I was the only one ready to blow a gasket with excitement. It had been over three months since I had a release and with the situation, I was in a constant state of erotic excitement. I tried to bring up the topic on the way home but my wife cut me short with "don't you worry". I decided at that point to change the subject.

The next week Jeff and my wife got together Thursday night and went out. Nothing was said to me about it, it was only a couple of hours. We had plans to meet up Friday night for a dinner and movie. Friday night we meet them at their house and I could tell right away there was a different air about the place. There was a box on the dinning room table, I noticed right away. As we were having some wine, Jeff commented that my wife and he had other plans for the night. Carol grabbed the box and sat it in front of me with a big smile. My wife told me to open it.

In the box was my new belt. It looked much like Carol's but for a male. As I examined it, I noticed it had a crossbar to secure a PA ring on, in the bottom of the box was a segmented 2 ga PA ring. The belt was polished with perfectly smooth edges. My wife asked if I wanted to go try it on, and of course I did. She produced the keys, Jeff lead me to the other room and said he would help explain how to get in the belt. The tube had holes on each side of the bar and one larger one which would rest against the front plate. I was instructed to put the segmented ring thru my PA but not to worry about the final segment till in the tube. Once the tube was on, he handed me the ring pliers which slipped in the two holes. Spreading the ring, I was able to place the last segment thru the larger hole and snap it into place with the bar inside the ring. Quickly I knew that the tube wouldn't come off without the pliers and access to all the holes. The belt slipped around my waist and fit perfectly, Jeff had spent a lot of time bending and shaping it to my body shape. Two cables rested on my butt cheeks and attached to the front plate. The tube was attached to the plate and placed onto the guide pins. I looked for the lock and couldn't find it. Jeff told me it was with my wife and I should go see her next.

I came out of the room and was greeted by a squeal of excitement from Carol and a smile from my wife. I told her I was missing something and if she could help me out, which she joked, "Oh sure I can." She asked one last time if this was what I wanted and if I said yes, things wouldn't be the same. I agreed and she locked the lock. She then reached back behind her and produced a cable lock which had been engraved similar to Carols cable lock. On the front of the base it had the print "Property of (my wife's name)". She slipped it thru the other security pins and back into its block. Jeff came over and helped adjust the length and cut the remaining cable off. Carol and I matched exactly from below.

Jeff then explained the new rules. We will continue to have fun as couples and as if nothing had changed, however on nights like tonight, things will be different. Collared chaste will be required to dress as requested and will do as told on these nights. Only on these nights may either my wife or Jeff require Carol of myself to do something and we must obey. When alone with their spouse it would be up to the spouse if they choose to pull rank. The last thing he added, we would not be allowed to remove the belt for any reasons, only the "Dom" would be allowed and we would not be allowed to touch ourselves outside of the belt without permission. Any infractions would be handled with.

Jeff told Carol to get "the basket" which she left and returned with a laundry basket that had two black t-shirts in it. Carol removed all her cloths, slipped on the t-shirt and put her cloths in the basket. Carol held the other shirt and looked at me, I followed suit and removed all my cloths that were remaining and placed them in the basket, and slipped on the shirt. Jeff picked up the basket, grabbed my wife's hand and said that he would call if they needed anything.

As the door shut, I looked at Carol and smiled. This was something that we both wanted but at the same time, we knew there would be no sexual relief in site for us. We passionately made out on the couch, so badly wanting to touch each other but not able to go all the way. The music was loud enough in the bedroom that we could hear it but couldn't hear what was going on.  A text came to Carol's and my phone from Jeff. She had been instructed to bring glasses of wine to the bedroom and I was instructed to turn on the hot tub. Once back in the house, Jeff and my wife were sitting on the couch, two chairs were in front of them and Carol was sitting in one. I guessed the other was for me and I sat in it. Jeff informed us that I would be helping Carol clean up while they relaxed in the hot tub before going home tonight. We cleaned as they enjoyed the tub, once finished Carol handed me a towel and told me to wait with her by the door. Our phones rang and we went to the hot tub with the towels. My wife and Jeff removed themselves from the hot tub and I noticed both were naked. Carol began to dry Jeff off and I followed suit with my wife. Once finished we wrapped the towels around them and they left back to the bedroom. Shortly after they returned with the basket. Jeff told us that the night would be over once we removed the shirts and dressed. At that moment we were the spouses again. He planned on better "uniform's" in the future. We removed the shirts and placed our cloths back on.

The air changed as if a light was switched on. Carol was back talkative as usual, Jeff was discussing racquetball plans with me. My wife and Carol were planning a grocery shopping trip. I seemed to be the only one slowly coming out of the experience. Jeff handed me my old device and said I should keep it for the memories as we left. My wife didn't speak of any details on the way home of what they did in the bedroom but I could tell, she was sexually satisfied.

As we got ready for bed, my wife gave me a big kiss and told me that "this is the best thing that has happened in years" and I would surely enjoy things to come.

More to come........


  1. Thats a very nice dream.You must have woken up just dripping out of your cage.Thanks for sharing all those juicy details.

  2. I love your Story. thanks for sharing.

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