Thursday, August 2, 2012

New chastity and thoughts

The big problem (I always have) is having a little information and running with it....

Over time, I have found better information and actually understand how chastity can be used within our relationship.

I know from discussions with my wife, that she does not require intercourse for sexual satisfaction. My thoughts of chastity would include, my wife being able to enjoy sexual satisfaction on a regular basis without the need of "feeling required" to give me a sexual release.

New scientific information on males has found that a longer time between sexual release is better for the relationship and intimacy in the couple and sexually teasing the male, building sexual energy without a release, increases sexual focus.

I love the thought of being teased,  my nipples played with, and enjoying the sexual satisfaction of my wife, without a release of my own.

The way I see chastity working in my marriage:

* wife has the keys so no cheating
* a set time between my release or actual dates set -extended periods between-
* weekly opportunity to be sexually intimate with my wife for her sexual satisfaction
* wife would have the ability to refuse a release or postpone if I was a "dick"
* chastity would not effect any other part of our marriage

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