Thursday, May 14, 2015

Headspace and Chastity

I find that I drift off and even forget about my chastity device at times. I think this is very normal for those that wear the device for longer times than just a few days. There have been times where I actually reached down and tapped the device to make sure it was there. That is one advantage to having a custom device, comfort.....

Yet, when anything brings my mind to a sexual thought, a woman in heels walks by for example, I notice and remember my device so quickly. My mind then is on the chastity, the fact that I can't release any built up sexual tension and the fact I want all of this. My headspace is strongest at night, I will lay in bed and my hand finds my device, I inspect it each time with my hands under the covers and always it is sure to remind me that I "wanted" to be locked away.

When I was in a longer term lockdown (3-6 month run) I found that my mind would not get into the headspace as often as the shorter periods but when it did, I was unable to get my mind turned off very easily causing longer times to get to sleep or more discomfort in my device during the day trying to get myself cooled back off.

I don't think I would enjoy chastity as much if I didn't have those times where my mind shifts and my headspace is strong. I love and hate those times because I do want to release my sexual tension but are unable.

There are so many little things with chastity that I do love so much..

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