Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Two with only seconds apart.

It had been over 55 days when my wife surprised me with a "date night" and the focus being on me. Of course I was as excited as I could get because we have been discussing how she might tease and deny me to the edge of a orgasm yet not achieving one and being placed back in my device.

She hopped on the bed with a towel (I was already naked) and told me to lay back. I didn't see any keys, so wasn't sure what she had planned. She produced one of our strong plug in vibrators (which she keeps under lock and key) and began to use it directly on my device. Moments later I was letting her know I was close and would orgasm any second. She giggled and said "what are you waiting for?" I asked if I could orgasm and she granted me the orgasm.

It was strong but being in my device it wasn't like a normal orgasm. The moment I started she turned the vibrator down to a slow murmur. 30 seconds passed and she turned it on high again, I felt the tingle and within seconds I was having a second orgasm.

This has never happened to me before and of course this was the first time my wife used this technique on me. She enjoyed the show, I was allowed to remove the device for cleaning and slept overnight without it. The next day the device was back on and have at least 2 weeks or more before my first chance to have the experience again.

I always thought I couldn't have two orgasms that close together. It usually takes 20-30 mins for me to get excited again. Guess you can never say "never"....


  1. Interesting story! Was the first orgasm "ruined"? I can only do that (ejaculate that closely together) with an initial ruined orgasm. I have used the vibe on myself when locked and a locked orgasm for me feels super weird - to the point that I would never do that again. Glad you had fun!


  2. I have also "orgasmed" like that and even though it is a release of semen it isn't really a satisfying one, more like a ruined one.

  3. I would say both were "normal" orgasm's with great feeling, the fact that I couldn't get fully erect I think did have something to do with it.