Monday, December 10, 2012

How long is "not long enough"?

I find myself in a internal battle within myself. In one moment I am wanting to get out of my device and feel a orgasm with my wife and in a another moment I am wanting to lose the roll coming up on the next date and have to wait more time.

When I think of a orgasm I get excited and can feel my cage, but when I think of having to wait longer the cage becomes more of a test of will then. My excitement is greater when thinking of being required to hold off longer.

I think part of my thoughts to hold off are for my wife to grow more into the idea of me in chastity and her free to orgasm. Thus giving her more interest in teasing me and letting me know my position while I bring her to a orgasm. I guess however, the true effect of my wishes will not be known till our next date night and she rolls the dice.

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  1. LockedinKept, I understand exactly where you are coming from. Me, on day 132 since my last orgasm. At times I ache within to feel that sensation. At other times I wish nothing more than to be continually denied. I don't want to start over with day 1 if that makes sense. When Katie teases me I want her to take me to completion but she never does. It's a mind thing - that I am sure. I wish you well but hope you enjoy the time as the days mount as there is nothing like the desire that it creates to want to please your Mistress.