Saturday, March 2, 2013

Waiting on the shift of emotions.

For me, chastity has been such a fantasy and 'need" that I am so happy to be in chastity that there is no "want to be out".

One of the big reasons the 15 weeks till the next release idea came from some post I read about how it takes time for the body and mind to shift out of the "I'm in chastity, happy happy, joy joy" to the "I want out of chastity and feel my wife"..... I have not had that feeling very strong yet.

Even tho I went 87 days with the dice game the fact that the longer term chastity was new to my wife and when the rolls would show more time, I was more worried about her feelings and that she would let me out early if I showed any thoughts of "wanting out". This time, with the length being so long I am hoping to feel that "need" to be out as much as that "joy" of being in. The only thing I asked of my wife was to not let me out early.

One of the hardest things I find I have to do also is, "think about not talking about" the chastity with my wife. Her being vanilla I found when I didn't talk about it and was in the 87 days she was more interested in making comments herself and joking about it. Before when I would try chastity (and failed) it seemed that she was put back and I think it was because I would discuss it too much with her.

Only being 2 weeks in, 13 to go, I will learn my tongue and place this time. I would have never thought of this length of time before, yet now I feel it is the best thing for me to learn all aspects of chastity and what it means to wear a device for your soul mate.

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  1. Like you, I love being locked and, generally, she doesn't specify a date to be unlocked. I largely prefer it that way. Mainly, because when she does unlock me for one reason or another, she often doesn't tell me to go back in. I have to take it upon my self to ask when she wants me to go back in. That's what makes me think she's not fully invested and is doing this to simply satisfy me. I don't know, maybe I should be doing that anyway, just to make it easier on her. Often times, she doesn't want me locked when we are away from our home and together for fear of discovery. My preference would be for her to simply not unlock me at all until she wants to make love. Being constantly locked and unlocked really play havoc my feelings and really increases the chance I will resort to self pleasuring. Hopefully, we'll reach a happy plateau one day.