Saturday, March 2, 2013

Her time.

One thing that has been being discussed in some of the groups I am in are the ways that the chaste serves his wife/keyholder without having a orgasm.

I couldn't quite figure this out at first then I found that they were released for intercourse with expectations not to orgasm. That is a very interesting thought and many ways to insure no accidental orgasm was discussed. I thought of the mental side of this and how it would play on the mind.

For me, it is simple, once the keys are put away they do not come back out for any reason other than medical or metal detectors till my release date. My wife has always preferred oral stimulation or the uses of a vibrator over intercourse for her orgasm.  When we would have sex I would always go down on her first to insure her orgasm before we ever had intercourse, now it is much easier for her being able to enjoy her orgasm then not worry about any mess after.

I have always loved giving her a orgasm before mine and with the chastity it just keeps me very horny for a long time. Each time I bring her to a orgasm, it usually takes about 3 hours for me to go to sleep after because of being so worked up. I do feed off her sounds and body movements as she has her orgasm.


  1. I don't envy you, my friend. Not being let out of the cage for teasing, and for the occasional round of PIV sex (without being allowed to come) for months on end would definitely result in the cage being put in the back of my sock drawer. I can definitely say that my mental health would suffer, and CH does everything she can to keep me on an even keel.

  2. I think that for me as much as for her, I need to really feel that complete loss of control. I am very alpha male 90% of my life, with work and home. My wife prefers it that way also, so her just becoming the keyholder is a big jump. I know that right now in my mind it is my choice. I was able to go that 87 days before but much of that was because I felt it was my choice and could get out if I wanted.

    Now I am at the point where I really want to feel that loss and for her to just not give up the keys. I feel she will follow through with this and as her orgasm's go by each week I am hoping her comfort and control will grow. If so then later she might feel comfortable taking me out and requesting me back in much as you do. But that is in the future at best.