Monday, June 17, 2013

Device always wins.

It is true that when the device is on and the energy level is high the amount of energy overflows onto the blog. With the amount of travel I have been doing there was no way to be able to wear my device for long periods of time to get the full effect of the device for us. I am able to put the device on and wear it 24/7 for months at a time and yes after the first day or two I am worked up greatly. But after 7 days, it is just like wearing a pair of underwear.

The advantage, when I want to have a sexual release I can't. That's when the device does the job. For myself it takes a good month or so in for my submissive side to give in and I want a orgasm. So that's the main reason the device has been pretty much "on the shelf" for now.

With the summer here the challenge has increased with little ones running at our feet. The plan is to reinstated the device for a good long period once my season slows down and school is back in (which is exactly the same time). The possible idea is "wait till Xmas till opening" which will be a 4 month run.

Tumblr has been keeping a lot of my time too but I plan to blog more again, specially on the mental side of chastity.

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