Sunday, January 19, 2014

Finding I wanted it, in and out.

I have found a App for my android tablet that allows me to track my wife's cycles. The idea was to use it to get mentally prepared for the chastity and make sure I had everything ready when she would tell me it was "that time".

I find myself now, counting down the days with excitement and anticipation. Looking today I know there is about 6 days left till that time. You just log each month when the period starts and ends and it learns the cycle and can almost pick the exact day.

This is useful for me mentally because, if I have been in for around a month without a release I can see her period coming and know that it will be that much time longer and not to get my hopes up. It hasn't happened but once that we went more than a few weeks because of vanilla life keeping us busy.

This has increased my wife's libido  and our connection is much greater now sexually. Having it where she knows I will not "advance" on her when she isn't in the mood helps her get in the mood easier. Plus knowing I am just "waiting" for her to be ready, is quite exciting for me.

I find that the next morning after being released, I am back on the app checking the days till the next "time" to start the fun over again.


  1. I am much more cognizant of my wife's period now. She has some app (maybe the same one as you?) that she tracks her period. It now seems natural to know where she is in her cycle.

  2. On the iPhone it is called iPeriod. Works great!