Monday, January 27, 2014

Time goes by.

I find that when in my chastity device, I tend to think about how things will go if my wife "forgets" about me having the device on. Once it is on, she gets the keys and puts them up, and there isn't any discussion about the device. I wear it and wait. Which I want. ...

I also think about "what if she just doesn't get in the mood" and I go a few months.. That has happened before. I find that being in the device is mentally a better feeling to me than being out of the device. I feel closer to my wife and that I am not cheating her by masturbating.

The chastity device becomes almost a safety blanket to a sort..

1 comment:

  1. Safety blanket is a good way to put it. There are times when the device is off and you really want to please her and then have your "fill" as it would be. I can understand this feeling as well.