Sunday, March 16, 2014

Love of time, and anticipation

Just after our lovely and exciting talk and my collaring, my hopes to get a release this Sunday was high since my wife had said we would use the fact that the kids had to go to bed early for some "special time".

Well, last night her period showed up, which I knew was coming. So, as she let me know we giggled knowing it would be a good 4-5 days of that then usually another 5-7 days before she feels back to normal. This doesn't bother me much at all, being in my cage for 30 plus days isn't a problem.

I do find that my anticipation to be with my wife is higher than it has ever been. With the combination of my chastity, the new collar around my neck and the new side of my wife, now my excitement and anticipation has rocketed. This I do love, and do look forward to our "special time".

She has said that we will have to try out the penis sleeve and if works well, we might look into a strap-on too. I love the idea of bringing her to a orgasm with no ability for me to, which I do regularly with oral, but to do it with penetration... That would be unbelievable....

She said we would discuss some more things tonight since we are getting out for a bit without the kids, :)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like things are going swimmingly!

    I haven't tried a sheath, though I'd love to. I'm reluctant to spend limited mad money on one without being sure it will fit (large girth). But fucking her with a strapon while in my belt? Oh, yeah. I'm all about that!

    Have fun :)