Sunday, March 2, 2014

The things that make you smile.

I was laying on the bed yesterday, the kids were both out doing things with other friends. My wife was laying beside me, we were talking about day to day things, I would give a kiss here and there to her as we talked. She got up to get a drink and she said, "You should know that I will not be in the mood for a while, so don't think we need the keys yet."

I got the biggest grin on my face and just knowing she had them on her mind and took the time to comment like that, boy did that ever get me going. Now she had a procedure early last week and her stitches come out tomorrow. This doesn't mean she will be anywhere close to being in a mood that will let me out, it will just mean she can start feeling a little more normal.

Looking at the old "clock" there is only 12 days left till its that time again, so it is very easy that we might just skip this month all together. With her making that little comment, I could go another month easily to hear her say something like that again... :)

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