Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When in longer term chastity.

When I say longer term chastity I am referring to more that 30 days.

I find that around 15 days in my body adapts to the chastity device and the nightly wakeup calls from the device drops off. I do notice that as the days go by my hard-on will not be as hard and not stay as long. With this, I know that once out my ability to stay strong the first night out isn't as good as it could be.

I have been thinking to suggest that we find ways to please her as well as I can on the day that I am released and focus on her without intercourse or with intercourse using a sheath to allow longer intercourse for her. Then she could use a vibrator on me or a blow job with a time limit. If I don't find a orgasm, back in the device I go.

However, things will get interesting because we could easily find another month slip by. If calculations are correct, the way things might land, I could be in till late August or early September.

Time will tell.

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