Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Time Ticks by

Well when the alarm clock goes off tomorrow morning I will be starting my 44th day in chastity and will have bypassed the amount out of chastity vs the time in chastity for the year by a few days. I know that counting isn't that big of a deal but there is a little guy in me saying "how many days now?" and I just have to look.. That will put me at 85 days of chastity total this year. It being the 168th day of the year, "more days in than out".

I was a bit surprised on Fathers Day because all the "signs" pointed to a possible evening of intercourse and a release. Of course it started like all father's days do with a present from the kids and a card from them and my loving wife. She was exceptionally loving and kind all day. As the evening grew close I asked if she would like a bath, and she accepted. I quickly hopped in and out of the shower to freshen up before running her bath.

Normally on a night that I will get a release she will take a bath then come in the bedroom and lounge on the bed naked beside me before we partake in some cuddling and so forth. I was looking forward to her coming out of the bathroom naked, as the door opened I noticed her robe was on. She slipped over to the bed and told me "good night, happy fathers day" and out the room she went.

It was a mix of emotions because I was a bit torn not reading the signs the way I thought I did. However, I found myself happy to stay in the chastity and was able to go to sleep quite quickly and slept really well.

I took a moment to look at the calendar and started calculating the fact that her period is coming up in 9 days and she usually doesn't feel good a week before so that usually cuts any chance of a release at that time. This will set the earliest chance for a release around 60 days. Now this doesn't mean I will get a release, this will the be the earliest that she could be up to it. But with the summer going on and the kids keeping her busy and worn down, I can see that the release might go till they are back in school in September. This will put me at around 100-110 days straight with no removal of any kind.

This has caused a different dilemma mentally for myself. I love the idea of a release but now I have been really thinking of long term chastity being much more of a staple in my life and to the point where I question if I really need to ever be released.....

There is a fantasy back in my mind that starts with only having 2-3 scheduled releases a year, then it goes to, No no.. just one release on our anniversary... Allowing it to be all about her all year and not need to think if she would let me out or not. The fantasy always causes me to press hard against the cage and get excited but I do love to orgasm so.... lol..

I talked with my wife a week or so back telling her that she not need to worry about how long I have been in the device because there are many men that go years in their devices with no release at all. This was one concern she had about the device and after showing her some information on it she seemed more at ease.. This didn't hit me till today, hmmmm I might of created something here...

I love not knowing, I love not having control, I just wish I could last longer when she does let me out after a long time in.. But as time ticks by, I find myself very happy in my chastity and still not knowing when or really if I will get out.


  1. I would think the anniversary thing is about her?

  2. Yes I would agree. That is part of the anniversary that I do think about too. She seems pretty content for me to be in my chastity and things seem to be going well. I am torn because I do love the idea of a orgasm, but I am also very excited about the idea of passing up a orgasm longer and longer.