Thursday, May 29, 2014

How a show can shift my wife more to the chastity side.

With my wife watching the Tori&Dean show, and him being caught cheating has really increased the communication with male chastity involved in it.

With my wife being pretty vanilla, we don't really "discuss" my chastity nor does she show much interest in it, other than what is required when she is given the keys and when she decides to release me. But with the show going on, she started thinking more about it and starting discussing the fact that "just locking him up" would solve the issue. Now this made me smile seeing she came up with the idea herself.

This prompted a good bit of discussion on male chastity and the advantages of devices being worn. As I told her, "I would never cheat, but Dean said that too". I pointed out that since she holds the keys that it takes that completely out of the equation for us. She seemed to almost feel comfortable with herself knowing she has the keys.

I have started to discuss the fact that she doesn't need to feel bad or anything when we pass a month without me being released. Vanilla/RT life gets in the way and she doesn't get in the mood, that's part of my deal that I want. No release till she is in the mood for intercourse. This will push this "lock-in" past 30 days and with the summer happening I could end up being in for a good two more months or more. Now we do have two sporting events scheduled that would require removal for the metal detectors but I would suggest not staying out if we decide to go.

I do feel that she is finding some comfort now with me in the device because her "jealous bone" did show up a little discussing "if I was cheating" and I would say, "but I can't" and she would just grin and agree happily......

I have always wanted to get to the point where I just wear the device 24/7 and only removed when she is in the mood for intercourse. This has put us a small step closer to her comfort level of agreeing to the idea. Of course I would love to also take care of her orgasm's between my release with nothing for me as we had done with a 90 day lockup before. Both of these things can be on the table within the end of the year.

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