Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th special day for more than one reason.

I always love the forth of July and what it means for this country and what my grandfather and father put on the line for this country and for us to be able to enjoy what we can and the way we can.

I will also be enjoying my 60th day straight in chastity with no release of any kind. Yes a different kind of celebration to say the least. The device is pretty much a part of me and comfortable until I see something erotic or exciting, a lovely lady in a nice pair of heels or my wife pushes the right button and oh does the device remind me so well of my situation.

I have been luck enough to find a few different articles and information where couples have used chastity in a basic vanilla relationship that fits much of what my wife would be able to deal with. The one thing that is true about the summer and kids being at home, it kills a females libido..... My wife doesn't have any interest in "any" fun time with the kids up at home at night. Of course both of them love staying up late playing games and I have to work in the morning so I have to go to bed before they do. My wife also loves staying up late in the summer so I am fast asleep before she comes to bed.

The weekends I can't wait the kids out and fall asleep before they do. lol. It looks like the first day of school will set me at 112 days straight in chastity and  I believe the first chance we will get to have some private time will be at 115 days. Now the longest I have been in before was 87 days and during that time we did get some time to "take care of her" and I had to wait. Those times were very exciting because I would really want to get out for a bit but then find a happy place knowing I was locked and she was happy.

I am really thinking, if the chance does come up, asking to not be released the first few weeks we get back to having some private time. At around 140 days we have a "special day" between us coming up and that could be the day out.

I know many guys don't worry about how many days they have been in or how many days a year they are in/out of chastity. For some reason I like keeping track. I also, for some reason really find it exciting to be in chastity more than out for a year. The last 3 years we advanced the chastity play and in those earlier two years the most amount of time I had been in for a year was 145 days total. So I look at this year and could almost tie that with one sitting plus the extra 42 days from before I would be pushing over 50% of the year in chastity.

This gets to the point where we have been using chastity as a play thing in a way. When she releases me for intercourse I do not have to go back in, I am free till her next period and only if she tells me that she is on her period. This has me thinking that I do feel that I am actually a better person, my libido is higher and my attention is much better and focused when in chastity for longer periods.

I have read of many guys having X days that they have decided on with the wife that are days they get released... Aka; birthday, anniversary, holiday.. things somewhat like that. The rest of the time is focused on the wife and no releases. This is very appealing to me and to try for some reason. The catch for me is, I can only come up with two dates- my birthday and our anniversary.. That is a big jump from a guy that is use to masturbating a average of 2 times a day to what I am now....

But, time will tell where things go. It is totally up to her when and if I get out, I wanted this very bad for so many years, I will never ask to be let out. That's the one thing I vowed to her that I wouldn't do. (Now this doesn't include going through metal detectors or a doctors visit that I would have to remove it) that would be different. And we haven't had to deal with that yet.

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