Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TIme ticks by

It seems that each day that goes by things stay about the same. My sexual drive is up there and if there is any attention or chance for getting my wife off I am jumping at the idea.

Last night, she seemed in the mood, I offered a nice bath. She accepted and after I gave her a great massage, I was getting all worked up thinking that she will enjoy a nice orgasm and then might feel up for some more kissing and making out after. However, once the massage was finished (maybe I was too good) she was almost asleep. She was so relaxed she decided to pass up on me taking care of her.

This was a bit of a low because I had got sexually charged thinking I would at least get to give her a orgasm, I didn't however miss any chance to get out (knowing there would be none) I started thinking how my sexual energy is focused more on her.

I am looking forward to the colder months she tends to like to snuggle close when it is cold. Right now in Texas it is too hot to get close to anyone at night lol.


  1. It will get a little easier. My wife is keeping me in chastity for all of 2014. I am very horny, but my body is adjusting and I am at the point where I want to make it a whole year. For the first 6 months I was way too sensitive and leaking cum into my panties every day. My wife edges me every morning. I now wear panty shiels in my panties every day to keep dry..

  2. I can see the shift mentally to go longer. My wife does not edge me. I do think that she is more seeing if I can follow through with my side of the agreement because I always fell out before. Thanks for the commet.