Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Took the next step, a big step

I have been in my device for right at 85 days now. I found that over the last few months a few things have happened that didn't happen before.

The first time I was locked in my device for 87 days we were playing a dice game that I made up and with the way I rolled the dice each time I got a change to get out it worked out that I was at day 87 when I got a release. Now each week I would roll and end up with either more days and it was completely sexual. Every day I thought XXX days till I roll again and had a chance to get out. This was very exciting and frustrating at the same time. However, when I did finally get my release, it was more of a letdown than what I expected. There wasn't fireworks going off in my head it was just a "good orgasm".... Nothing more... nothing less... Then we took a long break and the experience was chalked up and we went on.

This time, there was no set time in the device, there were no dice games, just wear it till she is in the mood. The first two months it were very sexually based. I was looking each time for a possible outing and none came. As month 3 rolled around I noticed things started changing. My sexual energy began to switch from the device to my wife. Her touch became like electricity running through me. She would "tweak" my nipples and this would drive me crazy with lust (Love my nipples to be played with).

Each week we have sat time aside so that I can take care of her orgasm. Last week, once done I slipped up to her and we were kissing, she began to play with my nipples. Fireworks went off in my head, electricity shot through me, I felt like I was on the edge of a orgasm when she smiled and stopped. I was in heaven. She drifted off to sleep and I found that men can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone with no attention to the penis. I knew I was one of the guys that could achieve this if she would have continued. I drifted off to sleep loving the experience.

I noticed each day when I kiss her and when we touch it is almost a pleasure itself like no other now. I believe it is because of the chastity and began to think.... This is why some don't want out of their devices..... My wife does not need intercourse at all to orgasm and intercourse has only been for my pleasure alone all these years (I always take care of her first). I sat down and thought, could I go a lot longer, with no chance of a outing? Could I achieve a orgasm with no stimulation alone to the penis? Was I willing to give it all up, to totally devote myself to my wife for a longer period?

A few days went by with me thinking long and hard about it. I made the decision and wrote the email. Knowing I needed to pick a day far in the distance but not too far so that I could really know if my feelings were still totally sexual or genuine to my wife, love and devotion for her. I decided one day we could remember easy, January 31st. When all W2's have to be sent out .lol.

I asked her to hold the keys with no release or removal (other than needed for doctor or metal detectors) and of course our weekly times to enjoy. She agreed easily saying she has seen a good shift of my personality and attention toward her and our relationship the last month. So with that said,  6 months are now on my path with no removal. I have dreamed of the day where I would not have a chance to choose. This day is now. I believe that once 2015 comes I will have only been "free" 82 days in 2014.. What a change from years past.

In 2015 once we reach that day, she has agreed to assess the experience and decide if I ever need to be released again for intercourse or sexual pleasure. She did say that she might use a vibrator while I am in my device and I of course have no issues with that! She also wants to see if I can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone before every trying a vibrator. Being semi-permanent based will see if I can mentally deal with the situation and if it is good/bad/does nothing for our relationship.

I know that my focus is 100% on her and can only see it growing as the months go by. When she came to me and said she would be glad to just keep the keys and see how things go in 2015 I was excited beyond believe and also a bit scare. Time will tell and I think my thoughts will end up here on a regular bases.


  1. What a decision you made. It is wonderful you can make it together with your Wife. You seem a very happy couple to me.