Monday, March 9, 2015

New/old twist.

With just a bit of free time we discussed what 2015 would hold for us this year. We both agreed that "long term" lock downs did not keep me at the level of frustration that I love/hate and that my focus slowly slips away from here as the months go by.

So we decided to try a new/old twist. Once again, today it was that time of the month so I went back in the cage. However this time, when she is "clear and feeling better" there will be more freedom but with stipulations. First she has to be back to normal, then I will have to take her out on a "good" date night, not just some normal night out, for her to enjoy. Then, and only then, can I schedule a release night with her. If vanilla life gets in the way and I don't get a "special date night" then I don't get out, If I get the "special date night" but vanilla life gets in the way and can't schedule a "bedroom night" before her time of the month again, I stay in.....

It takes a lot of thoughts our of her hands and all the work is put on me, I don't follow through, I don't get out. I will wear my collar when I am locked in my device so that she can see it and a outward expression of my submission to her for those that know what the collar means. She will wear a key that holds everything sexual we have locked in a chest around her neck to remind her of my situation. Thus we both have reminders, I will be very edgy with the shorter periods in the device, and our sex life will get more action.

Since I was locked back in today, I am trying to remember how long she has her "time of the month"

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