Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Freed from the cage.

We had agreed to make it till the end of January before the removal of the cage. I found quickly that the cage became part of my body. Yes I would notice it when I moved and when I got excited but in general, I could completely forget at times that I had it on. This was a good thing so that I might be able to get my work done quickly but a bad thing because I missed that "frustration" I felt and the fact I would "know" it was on, all the time.

When we got to the end of January we sat down and discussed the options, to continue, stop on the date and release me, or ????

I suggested "not knowing" when I would get out and see if that would bring that "spark" back to the chastity that I so loved. I figured the 14th of February would be a dead give away so didn't expect it then. Sure enough, I didn't get out. I found a bit of the "spark" back but still nothing like it was before.

Last night, she surprised me with the keys and after such a long time I was free again. I can say, after all the time in, everything worked just fine. My sensitivity was greater because of the lack of stimulation so I didn't last that long. There was a bit of a "crash" knowing how long I had went in the device. However, I slept like log.

Today I reflected back and have came to the conclusion, "for me" I found that when it was my wife's time of the month, I would go in, and then wait till she was in the mood to get out, knowing that she wouldn't let me go more than a month or two. This seemed to keep me mentally in check and physically in check. My body still was not completely a custom to the device and kept me noticing it. My mind would find the device and quickly get excited at any chance to get out or even any touch of the cage.

My wife wanted me to think about things and discuss because she even agreed, I became too comfortable with the cage and the excitement was "gone" for me.

Now for a new chapter that could start very soon since she is only a week away or so from her 'time of the month". Now that my journey has came to a end, my mind is clear to express again and feel my post will come more frequently again.

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