Friday, May 23, 2014

Time doesn't matter

Each day that rolls by and we get closer to another “time of the month” without release, I find myself contemplating much longer times in chastity. I find myself very content with my situation and in no rush to get out of my device anytime soon.

I am looking at the calendar and if things go last the last two years, once school is out, we never had any private time and didn’t have any chance for intercourse. Also with the kids around 24/7 my wife really didn’t have much sexual energy because there was never a quiet moment, plus with my work schedule I always have to get up early.  My wife is a night owl so our schedules also get shifted greatly during the summer. 

 I know that in July we have tickets to a sporting event here and they have metal detectors so the device will at least come off for that, but doesn’t’ mean a release.  Two years ago, I went all three months of summer in chastity with no release. If this happens again, and I am not released in the next 6 days, it might be the longest I have been in the device. 

In one corner I do hope that I get a release and others during the summer. In the other corner I hope that things will go as I foresee them going and I only get released for the sporting event and will “offer” to go back into the device unless she plans a sexual release.

I would like to see how it affects me mentally, emotionally and physically. In the back of my mind I want to offer up to her on our anniversary for her to keep the keys for the year. For us to have sexual encounters but only focused on her for the year. The release would only be on our anniversary. After that we could discuss and see how we both feel.

I have read many profiles and stories of couples taking on the idea of a complete year in chastity with good and bad results. Just like with chastity, time will tell and how things work will depend completely on her J.

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  1. I totally understand your conflicting feelings of wanting a release but also wanting to go longer. I go through the same thing! My Lady and I are also working towards longer periods in chastity, and I am equal parts excited to try it and scared about what it will feel like.

    It's comforting to know that, no matter how confusing or conflicted my feelings may be, the results are out of my hands, as I have given complete control of my chastity over to ML. It's basically "hang on and go where the ride takes you" for me, and I love it that way!