Friday, May 16, 2014

Cheating and the advantages of chastity

My wife enjoys watching the Tori and Dean TV show about their life's. She has watched them for many years and always commented about how they both cheated on their spouses but felt they had found their "soul-mate" with each other.

Looks like Dean needed a little extra on the side. I took this opportunity to watch the show some with my wife. Since being very vanilla, the chance of her talking about anything outside the "vanilla" world doesn't happen much. About half way through the last show, she looked at me and said, "I don't have to worry about you cheating, at least when you are wearing your device." I agreed and said that I know she trust me but so did Tori with Dean. I would never cheat and I am sure he said the same thing. But he did......

She agreed that she felt I wouldn't ever cheat but did agree (for the first time) that when I do have the device on she doesn't have to worry about much. She had really never had much care if I wore the device or not. I "needed" to wear it and feel the power exchange, even it it was just her keeping the keys from me.

We talked a good bit about how the device made me feel and the fact that my energy was focused more toward her because I couldn't have a release. I feel that when I can masturbate I weigh the effort it takes to get her in the mood so that we can have sex compared to a "quick fix" with masturbation and I turn to the quick fix every time. Thus it also lowers my sexual drive and interest in her....

The chastity stops the masturbation, increases my focus and I find myself just "nicer" to my wife because of it. I feel more at peace and looking to enjoy time with her. She agreed that she can feel the difference when I am in the device and the fact that I don't "bug" her to get out of the device allows her to get in the mood and our sex has been much better ever since we decided the lockup we use now. With kids and vanilla life she can't flip a switch and get in the mood, which (being a guy) I can! lol

The show ended with us discussing the fact that it was very easy for him to cheat and if he hadn't got caught would he have told her at all. She even joked that someone should send a message to stick Dean in a chastity device and see if he is willing to prove he loves her. :)

One thing about chastity, with a device like mine, there is no cheating.


  1. But... your wife could cheat, could she not?

  2. That is very true. However, being a chaste, that is a chance I am willing to have. Plus for my wife she doesn't work nor travel, I work and travel all over the metropolis so much easier for me to cheat if I wanted to.

    However, I have told her many times, I want the opposite than the chance to cheat, I want her to have complete control so for me, I have no worries nor does she. And really if she did and said she used "cuckolding" as the idea, it would be accepted as part of my situation.

  3. You said with a device like yours, there is no cheating. Which device are you referring to?