Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I wouldn't mind hearing.

I find that once I have been in my device for around 10 days I become very comfortable with the device on. Now yes, it does bring my attention completely to the device whenever I become aroused, yet day to day, it has become extremely comfortable.

With that comfort also comes almost a security blanket of happiness. The time spent in the device is never set and completely dependent on my wife and her mood. If she doesn't seem to get in the mood then I wait, if she gets in the mood then we have sex and I am released. We have gone past a month a few times since she just didn't get in the mood because of day to day life before her period showed again.

When this happens I find that I have half of my brain and body not wanting to come out of the device and the other side almost at the edge of a orgasm waiting to get that release. I will have a roller coaster of emotions flood in as she produces the keys. Part of me can't wait to enjoy the sex with her and the other hopes she will change her mind and have me wait longer.

I have been really thinking..... I see later in the year, after the summer is over I will have less travel in my schedule and no need to be out of the device. I have three dates that I will travel and need to be out of the device during the summer but once the kids go back to school, the travel stops. My thought; Once the kids go back to school, I go back in my device and stay in till the New Year. At that point she can decide if she likes what the last 4 months were like and extend the stay till June when the summer comes again.

I haven't gone much pass 3 months before in one stay but I find myself (when in chastity) wanting to know what it feels like to go for 6/9/12 months. Do I have thoughts of permanent chastity? Yes I do but I am not sure the Looker 03 would be the best for that. If it gets to that point I would want to look at a device that doesn't have as many parts. More one of the new designs from Steelworxx or a Mrs. Lori's tube.

I wonder if this is a common issue for those in chastity for long periods to want to be in chastity longer?


  1. I can only speak for myself, but I would NEVER want to be in chastity full time. Never. Sex is a beautiful part of a relationship and I love her being able to enjoy my body in that way. I love her being able to touch me, to know she can make me hard and know it is my love and desire for her that causes me to respond in that way. There is much I love about chastity but I enjoy the out of chastity experience as much as being locked.

  2. I have much of those feel's also. There is something special about a man and woman making love and being one. However, :)

    I find that the most beautiful thing for me is bringing her to orgasm and watching her be able to drift off to sleep in a happy bliss. Many times I have been able to bring her to orgasm knowing that there will be no chance for a release and at the moment she drifts off to sleep in my arms I find myself not wanting out of my chastity and wanting to feel that feeling more often.

  3. I am with you in feeling the most beautiful thing is bringing my lady to orgasm. Though I love being touched I really do not want to come.

    We haven't used a chastity device much but currently I am locked in one of Dietmar's gorgeous tubes (Steelheart) and the intention is to go through 30 days continuous for the first time. Part of my brain thinks this is the craziest idea - why be locked as my lady isn't that bothered if I masturbate (I rarely do). And the other part revels in the feeling of being encased in a steel tube, enjoying the weight and bulk and knowing she has locked it there because she owns me - it's like a discreet slave collar.

    And yes, the thought occurs, what would it be like to know it would be months before release.

    I am curious. How much, if at all, does your lady touch/grope your locked jewels. I am wanting mine to grope and 'mock' me for being locked and tell me that I may remain that way for ever because I belong to her.

  4. My wife doesn't care either if I masturbate, I actually wish she did. lol..

    As for touching or groping my device, it is pretty much the opposite for us. Once locked there is very little communication about my situation and device. And there isn't really any touching at all. Only now and then if we are playing around and I am tickling her will she go after it and give it a tug or something while saying "stop" which of course I grin and do as she says.

    Since I wear a collar now 24/7 I know I belong to her and she does understand the meaning of the collar ( It didn't mean as much to her as it do to me, till I explained the full meaning of it to me.) So she is more likely to touch my collar that my device when wanting to show some affection and point my place.