Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A new addition.

I have always thought of ways to bring my wife to a stronger or better orgasm. I have bought different vibrators, sexual adds and literature on how to help her orgasm be stronger.

The other night on a forum, I was reading how many have used strapon's to bring their significant other to a stronger or better orgasm. I had a very strong feeling that a strapon used would not go well with my wife. I then found discussion on penis sleeve's and the effect it had on the feelings for the woman. The sleeve gives length and girth to the penis and allows the natural flow of intercourse.

The reviews I found seemed very positive for the female and the lack of stimulation was a down point for some men but for myself I thought of it being a perfect match. The idea of bringing her to a orgasm without major stimulation to myself is high on my list.

At this time I am "locked down" and do not know when the time will come to explore this chapter. I have received a sleeve like the one shown here and from the reviews and size was the best match I could come up with.

I would love to know if anyone else has ever had this idea or tried this idea. I plan to add a small bullet vibrator/ring at the base of the penis/sleeve for direct stimulation for her. 


  1. We've tried a similar item, but it didn't offer any additional length, just a bit of girth... The idea was for it to take away any sensation I might get from fucking her, so that there was no chance of an orgasm. In the end, CH didn't like the feel of it, so off it came, and into her hot pussy I went. GAA! It felt so good, and I was definitely not given permission to come. Let's just say that that session didn't last long.

    I corresponded with a gentleman who tried one of the ones you're looking at. It didn't work well for him, at all. He is of greater than average girth, and the sleeve squeezed his dick so tightly that he'd lose his erection. I'd say if you're of average girth or more, don't bother with it. In the other hand, if your pecker is on the slim side, go for it!!

  2. We also love to go this route but we haven't found that perfect sleeve just yet! We hope to because it would be much better than the strap on and/or dildo.

  3. I am average to above average so I have the same fear is that you have told me about that it will just not work. The idea of not having any stimulation and it working for her causes me to have the same search if I find something that does work I will post.