Monday, February 17, 2014

The keys.

Each time my wife lets me know its "time" for me to be locked in my device, I find a lot of excitement. I will fuss over the keys trying to find some way to make them more appealing to the eye for her.

I don't keep any keys, she keeps all 4 keys and I figure that if something happens, then it happens and I don't really care who finds out. The idea of having no way out of the device and having to wear it till she gives the keys back is one of the largest reasons I picked the device I have and know that the loss of control is real.

I see summer around the corner and I know that last summer things came to a complete stop because of our vanilla life. The year before, I just wore the device the complete summer till the kids went back to school. This year could be the same and I get to wear the device the complete summer. If so, I might break the 87day mark that is my longest time in.

My wife has got somewhat comfortable with the chastity and things have gotten better each time.

I look forward to the day that she enjoys getting the keys and enjoys taking time before "ever" giving them back.

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