Saturday, February 22, 2014

How chastity makes things more simple

I was on a forum post today and the question was asked "What is chastity to you, and what is the most important part of chastity?"

In more words, the things that mean the most to me are more than just words. There is a part of me that grows, and what you would think when you want something is "more" but with chastity for me, it is "less". To explain better, it's a simpler life. When out of my device, I find that my fantasies grow with my masturbation, things I want become more advanced, more needy. With the chastity as the days go by, my needs drop and I become more focused on just my wife and my love and devotion to her. My commitment to her with my love, heart and soul, this grows and stays strong as I am in chastity, those things can slip when out of chastity because I can easily please myself with masturbation. With the denial comes self improvement in myself around the home and with my wife. I feel more myself of old, I know that in males testosterone grows and peaks as our libido, and also drops when I masturbate. So the key is to not masturbate, all things are better when I don't and keep myself for my wife. I can not do that alone, masturbation and my fetish thoughts take control when I want to not masturbate. Chastity solves this for me, my wife holding the keys allows my energy and devotion to be directed 100% to her.

As I for the post, a list of things came to mind;
Self improvement.
Increased energy.


  1. What about the understanding that you are owned?
    I find that to be one of the most profound aspects of chastity. Yes the above are true and are byproducts of wearing a device, but the mear fact that you have a device on is an acknowledgement that someone else owns you by preventing you from making the choices you addressed.

  2. I would agree. However my wife being "really' vanilla and not embracing everything 100% yet, I do not feel completely "owned" right now. I know that if I just told her I didn't want to do this anymore she would stop. So I still have choices.. Would I give it all up to her.. in a second... when/if she ever take it.

  3. great post. I share your sentiments