Thursday, February 20, 2014

Male Libido and chastity

This was posted on a friends page and thought was interesting to share. From the description it matches the picture above. I know for a fact that when I am in chastity, my libido stays higher, I find myself more patience and tolerable to things. I really find that I am much more in peace with myself and my life when in chastity.

I do think that some time of sexual tension needs to be introduced at times to keep my libido high. If locked and forgotten, I am still quite tolerable and patience but my libido does drop some. It never drops like after a orgasm but doesn't stay higher as when there is a sexual tension added.

If left in chastity for more than 7-10 days there is a complete security and comfort that grows with the chastity. There is no more discomfort like at the beginning when my libido is tipping the scale. It level's off at a much higher level than it would be in any way, and even higher than if I was able to masturbate when I wanted to, so I think that chastity is a great part of a marriage. It has been a great part of ours.

"Men’s Libido and Lasting Marriage

After 11 years of marriage I was shocked to find out that my husband was having an affair. This was a crushing blow to myself esteem and trust of my husband. After a year of counseling with a marriage counselor and couples sex counselor, I forgave him but did not forget. I feel what I learned could help signal to others, the problems that caused our issues and his affair.
A normal male’s libido is much like a sign wave with peaks and valley’s. The amount of amplitude and time between the peak and valley differs with each male. When the male is in a valley, they are typically less likely to want contact with their partner. When the male is in a peak, they are focused on the goal of a release, with or without their partner. The optimum period is the rise of the wave to the edge of the peak, during this time the male will want to interact with his partner and not necessarily need a release.
Our problem as a couple was compounded by the inability to get on the same schedule. Men have many more peaks and valley’s than females, averaging every 2-4 days compared to every 12-16 days. Thus if my peak met a valley for him, there was no contact. Both of us had to work to balance our peaks at the same time so that we could have more encounters that were pleasurable for both of us.
The advice we found that worked for us was to find a way to slowly elongate his wave to match closer to mine allowing us to be on the same schedule. Men are much more pliable and able to adapt when they need to be."

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