Friday, November 9, 2012

Hitting that point

For myself, the excitement of having the device, the effect that it has mentally on my sexual interest, and enjoyment of you just being part of this has carried me a long way. I was able to take care of you and enjoy the moment with no heavy sexual tension. Last night changed that. I found that I was sexually energized more than I knew what to do with, just bringing you to a orgasm. I (for lack of better terms) was "leaking" pre-cum from the experience without any physical contact to you in any way. I was wanting to really be in contact with you and personally take care of you. I did however want you to be able to place yourself into the thoughts and fantasies  you wanted to be in without outside interference from me. Using the vibrator with no physical contact allows that and watching your body movements is very exciting!

Mentally up to this point, it was about wearing the device, I find now a new side that is the true feeling I do not have control over my orgasm. This is a point many have spoke about that changes the chastity aspect and allows me to really feel the full effects of the chastity, submission and devotion I have given up.

Reaching this is exhilarating because I was unsure if I could mentally reach this point because I had wanted chastity for so long. It will be a mental challenge for me now because I am sexually excited easier and have many more weeks before a chance to roll.

I do believe that if I could take all the years, before with the roller coaster of  sexual interest and throw them out, I would and step back with this device. I would be willing it wear it from then to now, without being out, just to not have you go through the discomfort of the interest I brought you.

Physically and mentally, day to day, this does not change me in any way, nor does it for our family, our interaction within the normal world. Just under the sheets, I am really controlled by you and I love that feeling, as much as I love you. The submission and devotion is a complete aspect of my feelings to you and all this is doing is drawing me close to you than ever, and putting your feelings in front of mine even more.

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