Friday, November 2, 2012

Offical Rules.

After looking over the rules, I have adjusted the rules to suit us best. 

·       After 28-30 days (4 week / Date night minimum) the game can be played after “date night is over”. If personal or physical issues come up the game will be played on the next available date night. All “release” rolls will be played out on NEXT available “Date Night”.
·       One roll of dice by You.
·       ROLL 12 = Denied for 4 more weeks.
·       ROLL 10 = Releasevibrator, free air orgasm – when orgasm begins - all stimulation is stopped and removed.
·       ROLL 8 = Release – intercourse
ROLL 6 = Release – Outfit/Permission required intercourse” (outfit – aka. heels and/or leather gloves) Must ask permission for orgasm, possible outfit when more comfortable.
·       ROLL 4 = Release – vibrator, masturbation, intercourse” (Your Choice).
·       ROLL 2 = Your Choice, or Re-roll of dice” (if re-roll & denied - double time)
·       ROLL any other Number = “Denied” for 2 more weeks or “Date Nights”.

** Device is placed back on same night of release, restarting 4 week minimum. All dates can be pushed back by You for any reason, or added time. **

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