Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time brings peace.

In the realm of things, the reality of myself being in chastity "real time" and it not being just some "game" it has only been such a short time.

I was discussing the other day on the forums and started thinking it was 2001 when I first got the CB2000 and first device. It has been 11 years and only a few months ago did the stars and planets aline and the device be so perfect for "real wear".

My excitement has been high because how well things are going. Now that we have found a way to determine time and type of release, I have hoped that any stress has been removed for you. I also find that before I had not stipulation to the idea of chastity so my mind would wander to all sort of thoughts. With this, I have found a peace and comfort in my position.

I have always wanted to give more to you than just my heart, and love. With this I give you all I can and even tho it may not mean anything to you, I love wearing my necklace with my pendant. It is a symbol to me of my devotion and submission of my self to you in more ways than anyone could guess.

I do believe that as time goes by my excitement will relax and I will just enjoy my position as we find our way. 

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