Thursday, February 14, 2013

back in the saddle again.

Well after being in and out for the last month or so, I suggested something longer term.

Every Valentines day I suggest something "special" for my gift and it not costing any money. I always suggest something special in the bedroom. This time she surprised me with something special I wouldn't have guessed. But as you can guess.....

I came in the room, she was all "dolled" up and I went o taking care of her. Once done she reached beside the bed and pulled out my bag, I knew what was in it but didn't think she would do it. I was excited and frustrated (just as I have always wanted to be). After getting my device on she let me know that I could get comfortable in it because I would be in it for a while.

What a Valentines day to remember!

Guess my nights will be free to blog again

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