Thursday, February 21, 2013

The new journey begins.

So 2013 is decided and the chapter has been written. 

After dinner I presented my wife with the idea of the three releases and the dates that could be used. She was very happy with the idea and loved the fact that we didn't rely on some dice game or reward system. 

She pointed out that being a set amount of time it will take away from the focus on the device and put the focus on the "situation" more that the device. If normal life gets in the way we will modify the dates by pushing them back to the next Thursday (Usually a good free night for us).

So since being locked in on Feb 14th, my first release date will be May 30th. This will be ~106 days. The next release will be our Anniversary on Sept 26th and that is it for 2013. 

As for 2014 on Jan 30th (My Birthday) she will have a "special" release for me and once we have reached that we will discuss our future plans with the chastity. Will we increase, decrease releases?

All keys have been locked away, she has agreed that I am not allowed to "quit" since this was my idea and I have to follow through. 

Before thinking too much on it, there will be exceptions if needed for Doctor visits, metal detectors, things like that. But she will be with me and soon as in the clear, back in I go. I am very surprised how happy my wife was with the idea and also how "at peace" I am with it also. 



  1. WoW that is a real comitment to chastity

  2. I have not spoke with my wife about this but if this goes well and I am able to do it. When we discuss the next year I might suggest 2 releases, then the year after 1. Could I possibly go to complete orgasm denial.. not sure..