Monday, February 18, 2013

The wheels grind away....

I sit here thinking....

My wife and I use chastity because "I want chastity" not because she does. She plays along, and now and then will surprise me. Yet, like last night she talked about how she doesn't mind it at all but doesn't want to make it "Some domination,submission game".

She told me she can tell a real difference when I am in chastity how I am more aware of her and her needs. Yet she doesn't want the chastity to dictate the way I act, however it does.

So we discussed this a while and still didn't come up with a good plan for how the chastity would work for us. For me, I really can't have access to the keys easily because I will get weak and use them. Yet she is not a strong keyholder that really wants the keys. It's more of a "can take it or leave it" with her. She mainly does some stuff for me more than anything.

The task she gave me was to come up with a way that she can be the keyholder with minimum requirements. She doesn't want a reward game, or anything like that. So the idea is a bit tough. She told me the dice game was just "corny".

Been thinking how to come up with something that would work for her, give a good amount of control to her, yet be as easy as it can get......

So the idea I have right now, really puts me on the spot, yet is very easy for her.

** We have three dates that mean a lot to us that are spread out thru the year. These dates actually have a average of no less than 105 days apart and up to 120. If I use these three dates for actual releases the time between releases are simple. The catch is, that's longer than I have ever been and I will go that time three times before next January........  I have thought of two pegging dates to be added possibly (without device removal of course).

The device will remain on for all times unless work requires removal (metal detector), Doctor visit, sports game or travel with family. Other than that the device will stay on with no removal. **

Now, the question is, do I have the bravery to offer this idea up and know that I will only be allowed 3 releases in 2013??????


  1. Lockedn'kept, The answer to your question is, yes, you do have the guts to suggest this. I remember that just last summer I could release every 20 days or so. Then it jumped to 100, then 100, then 178. It's mental. You can do this. You really can. And if you can't I'm sure it won't be hard to convince your wife otherwise :) Now go for it and see what happens. It might be the best thing you've done so far this year. I wish you well.

  2. Ty for the comment. I have written everything down for her and explains the idea even more for her. My thing now is getting my mental state ready for 100 days....

  3. errr yes, I would go for it, you know you want to lol. Making this as simple for her the better.

    What rings so very true about your post is that like so very many other wives, mine included, our desire to submit, our need for control and even chastity, is something that they dont necessarily want, and will only get involved with to keep us happy, and some wont even do that. So consider yourself lucky that your wife is even contemplating this. Good Luck