Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The beauty of chastity in a loving relationship

I have always loved my wife with all my heart and I have also had a bit of a submissive side. My wife has never had any interest in the D/s lifestyle yet I find it very interesting. I have always wanted to give my wife "more" than just my heart and soul without being her "slave or submissive".

I have also felt that masturbating at times was almost cheating on her because I could masturbate and find that my interest in her needs subside with the orgasm. This has always bothered me over the years. When I found the idea of chastity I was drawn so strongly to it. Yet the ability to escape was too easy. Till of course the device I have now.

With this device and the fact that I can wear it long periods (just not through metal detectors) it has given me hope to truly give my wife more. I am able to be "controlled" or better put "taken the ability away" with my orgasm. This will also allow complete focus on her orgasm throughout the year. Only a few times will my orgasm come into play.

I would say why I want to do this is my undying devotion to my wife and to show her that I am willing to remove one of the most common things a man can do to show that to her. Also, it is a bonus that is pretty much insures no way to cheat with another woman... lol

I did not think it was possible to have chastity in a relationship without some part of a D/s relationship yet after talking with so many couples that call it "vanilla chastity" I have found new hope. Many use chastity in different ways but the end result is the devotion to their wife and show of love.

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