Monday, July 7, 2014

A good read found on the net last night.

The Truth Behind The Belt

Male chastity is one topic that is not often talked about. The reason being such a psychological component to it that many people does not comprehend, along with the psychological component there is a physical component with advantages for men over 40.

After the age of 35, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone. A decrease of interest in sex is mistaken as a symptom of getting older. The decline in testosterone can cause erectile problems which add to the decrease of sex drive. The decrease of sex drive relates to increased masturbation and disconnect with the spouse, resulting in the decrease of intimate encounters or non-existence of encounters. Depression, high blood pressure, weight gain, lack of energy, irritable and easily aggressive tendencies is all symptoms of low testosterone.

Doctors will often prescribe testosterone replacement to correct testosterone levels. There are many natural ways to increase testosterone also. Male chastity is being used as a marital aid for millions of couple’s nation wide and a positive side effect is the increase of testosterone naturally. Increasing testosterone levels will not only correct the issues described but will also increase the ability to focus and be more successful completing task at work and home. 

Typically men continue to masturbate with a low testosterone level and low libido. Masturbation will give a spike of testosterone levels and good feeling but it is short lived. On average men masturbate every 2-3 days. With the use of chastity testosterone levels and libido increased leveling off at approximately 12-14 days. 
*Test subjects were split into two groups of males over the age of 35. Group one masturbated every 3 days and group two used a chastity device for 15 days. Testosterone levels were taken and compared to the % of level from an average 30 year old male.


  1. I'd really love to get your reference - the source of your info. I agree with the findings but I'd personally enjoy reading the entire study. Thanks for posting

  2. I was bouncing around websites and found it. I will try to track my history and will shoot over the website if I can find it.