Monday, July 21, 2014

Article sent by a friend

I was sent this article, not sure where it came from other than a friend on Fetlife. I found it very interesting and so did my wife. 

The Secret With In The Belt
With male chastity there is a side that is spoken of but never explained well. The reason and want for “tease and denial”. Men that use male chastity for extended periods (over a month) begin to have urges for “tease and denial”. The attempt to explain this to their spouse typically is unsuccessful.
The increase of testosterone and libido with extended chastity will level off after ~12-14 days. This allows a level amount of testosterone and libido allowing a better focus and function without distractions. This will cause the urge to focus on the spouse and not to have the need to complete an orgasm. The majority of men prefer to be tantalized to the edge of an orgasm without having one in extended chastity. This creates the term “tease and denial” and the need for it.

This includes sexual encounters without removal of the device or an orgasm from the male. The focus of the encounter is strictly on the spouse and sharing the spouse’s orgasm. This is a very common practice in tantric sex. The male can orgasm without intercourse still encased in the device and will feel the spouse’s outlet of energy, producing a stronger orgasm for the spouse and a close connection of the orgasm with the male. This can be achieved with practice.

To achieve this connection, with in foreplay both the spouse and male will bring the sexual energy to the edge of the need for intercourse. For the spouse this is more difficult since the male is “trapped” and usually the penis is the focal point of energy focus. The spouse can focus on any other erotic zone that tips the males energy. An unknown and highly effective zone is the male nipples. Throughout history documentation shows that men have been able to orgasm by nipple stimulation alone when at a very high erotic state. Other zones will differ with each male.

“Tease and denial” effectively is created when the spouse builds the energy of the male before the spouse will achieve an orgasm. The male will crest at the edge of an orgasm or complete an orgasm at this time. If the male isn’t able to orgasm it completes the “tease and denial”, if the male does orgasm there is still a “denial” of direct stimulation.

This does not mean that direct stimulation (removed from the device) by intercourse or other means should be bypassed. They result will create a much stronger orgasm of the male when this happens and the focus of the orgasm will be centered completely on the spouse. The time between “tease and denial” and direct stimulation is dependent on the couple. Some couples wait a few weeks where others wait a few months to even a year or longer. The major dependent, of the time, is related to the device and ability to wear long periods. Men surveyed stated the philological effect develops a greater connection between the male and spouse, enjoyment of surpassing direct stimulation orgasms, and a more meaningful trusting relationship.

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