Monday, July 21, 2014

Past 75 days..

Today marks the 77th day that I have been in my device without any release or removal of any kind.

I have been torn a good bit on how long that I might be kept in the device and if that would really get to me at some point. Lately I have been showing my wife different bits of information that I have found that shows that there isn't any medical reason to remove me from my device and just like the last two post I have posted I shared those with her also.

I find that I am more focused and less interested in "wild" fantasies as I was before. I do think this is because of the chastity because as I would masturbate I would find myself getting bored and coming up with more "interesting" fantasies to fuel the fire so that I might reach a orgasm quicker.

Last night was a big stepping stone for me. We settled down for the night with a bath for her, a massage and then I was able to bring her to a nice orgasm to top off the night. Now I knew that there was no expectations for me to get out and I really enjoyed being able to focus on her. When finished I always slip up to her and give her a kiss, and when not locked, I then enter her for my turn. However, when locked I will do the same but give her a kiss and usually move to the side of her.

This time, I stayed as we talked and she reached up and began to play with my nipples. Now this is the most erotic zone of my body and anytime she wants me to "finish" quickly or she is ready for me to finish she just dials in the knobs and I am done. As we kissed and talked she continued to play with my nipples and waves of energy spiked and flowed throughout my body. Many times if felt like mini orgasms as I would shutter and jerk as she smiled and giggled.

I had never experienced something like that and after a while she was finished playing with me and the night was over. I however could not get the energy and excitement I felt out of my head and how I could feel that with no direct stimulation to my penis. I began to search on the internet and found that many men have had the same experiences I have.

In fact, quite a few have been able to have a orgasm by stimulation the nipples only. I do not think this could ever happen to me without my wife doing the stimulation to the nipples but my erotic curiosity has the best of me. I now wonder and want to explore the possibility of achieving a orgasm with no direct stimulation to the penis and mainly focusing on stimulation to the nipples.

This would/could bring the chastity to a completely different level. My wife does not need intercourse for a orgasm and if she could bring me to a orgasm with no stimulation and without removing the device, that would be mind boggling. How would that feel?!?!?!

The research has started on my part and as I see it right now, I am going out of town for a good week so unless there is a unlock tonight, I will be in and should break my record of 87 days shortly. Time will tell.. But till then, ..... Searching "nipple orgasm""... :)

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